Is there a spirtual undertone for body issues?

  • So, I'm not sure how to begin, but, I'll give it a shot anyways. Throughout most of my life, I have always taken an interest in anthropomorphic animals, even when I was just a child, I enjoyed drawing them and media the featured them always caught my interest. By itself, my interest is hardly worth noting. As I grew older however, I started having serious body issues. When I use the term body issues, I mean to say that, I often found myself disliking being human. That is not to say I disliked sentience, but I did find myself often wishing and preferring I had the appearance of something more animal, hence why I mentioned my interest in anthropomorphic animals.

    This feeling only got stronger as I grew more mature, there are instances where I gaze at myself in the mirror and experience vague feelings of uncomfortableness and dis-belonging. When I contemplate these reactions, it just leads me to strange and vague conclusions. I can't tell if I'm just wired weirdly, biologically speaking or if there is a spiritual undertone to all of this.

    So I reluctantly registered to this site, fearing I'd be laughed out of the forum all the way, in hopes that I may find some sort of answer to my growing discontent over what is arguably, a truly bizarre sort of conundrum.

    The whole thing has been causing me severe distress over the past couple months, if I had to guess it might relate to animal past lives or something similar, but honestly, I'm not well educated on spiritual matters other than the fact I've heard and seen ghosts. So, with respect to the community here, I just want to pose the question. Does my problem bear a spiritual undertone, or am I just unfortunate enough to inherit crazy genes?

  • We are not naturally either human or animal - we are pure energy at our core and many of us have difficulty adapting to a corporeal body. You may have strong memories of living happily as an animal, with better senses and a more efficient body, so that being human seems quite a letdown. But there is a good reason why we all choose to live in a human body and you just need to accept that you chose this form for a reason, that it only lasts until you learn your lesson for being here on earth wearing such a form. Eventually we all return to spirit, to our true and natural state of being. By being out in nature and perhaps working or living with animals, you can remind yourself to be as natural and real as you can in this world of illusion, deceit and facades.

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