I need a little bit of guidence.

  • I'm hoping someone out there could do a tarot reading for me to help me figure out my next moves in my path. I'm going through some very rough times. I'm at the point of wanting to disappear from all that know me.

  • Irishelf, Ok, give me a day or so...Before you disappear come back here : ))

  • IRIshelf, Drew your cards and will return shortly w/my impressions...

  • Irishelf,

    Presently, feel like there was a departure in a relationship that's causing a lot of your feelings. I feel as though you have tried to observe, live and hang-onto moral convictions. I'm also getting a feeling that a child is involved somehow. Baptism is coming forward. What once was a hard decision (moving) would be easy now. Co-dependent relationship (s) coming from past position--hanged man in past position. I feel that someone felt held-back and another believes in sticking it out. I don't read reversed card meanings but filter them in, somewhat. There were quite a few rev. cards. I'm not really sure if this reading is asking (if your asking) whether or not a move would be beneficial--6 of swords rev. in outcome position. The outcome position is what you're inquiring about. Six of swords shows three figures that are departing by boat. I feel as though you're needed by others. Reference is being made to the head. I don't know if you're the one making things "go" or perhaps enabling others. Perhaps if you get out of this position you'd feel better. Whoever left, I feel may not be permanent. A very expansive time for you--world card in advice position. I really feel as though you know what's best (for you). It's not clear to me whether someone left or you're wondering how the outcome would be if you left--you'll have to clarify for me. I can tell you that things will turn around. I feel there's a lot going on around you. Relationship and family. It's mixed together. Path figures in predominantly in present position--king of wands in present position. If you can free yourself from some of the things that bind, a very expansive time. Some me time very much needed. Also, I'm not sure if someone left to pursue a different path, also. The lovers card (partnerships, relationships) is crowning king of wands (path, leader, new roads), king of pentacles in foundation. I feel a new path is needed and would be beneficial. I think you'll always feel a responsibility to and for others--6 of coins in environment/friends.


    present--king of wands

    crowning--the lovers rev

    foundation--king of pents rev

    situation--magician rev

    past--hanged man

    challenges--2 of coins rev

    future--8 of cups rev

    blocks--3 of coins rev

    environ--6 of coins

    advice--the world--this is a wonderful card to have in this position. Very expansive.

    outcome--6 of swords rev

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