Lost and Tired

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    The doctor said I was a pacemaker candidate and I have test to take. I will be ok will I not? I am lost with my health, no money, given a 72 hour eviction notice and no contact allowed with my husband, my tags are expired. I have asked God for direction and help, but I am not feeling it or seeing it. I feel not sad or happy just in limbo. I am packing and getting things done but something does not feel right, Can you give me any advice? I went back and read my year prediction and it seems to be right on track. Thank You

  • Julie, you have tremendous creative potential. But you may not feel as creative. clever or talented as other people. You may not even feel as lucky as others. You may be unaware of the abundant energy available to you or you may have trouble handling it. Before you can open the floodgates of your inborn creative potential, you have to find yourself – your centre, identity, balance, and boundaries. You then need to work through clearing your dependence on the opinions of others by trusting your own intuition, and onto contacting and living in accordance with spiritual law by taking responsibility for your own life. You may come from a background of child abuse, bullying, neglect or violence; so you may need to fight to get your will back and to find your sense of self-sufficient identity. You must integrate the sometimes conflicting parts of your nature and overcome the tendency toward resistance and rigidity. You face the challenge of insecurity which can manifest in either one of two polarities: you may act nervous, fearful, and underconfident, or else overcompensate for an internal feeling of inferiority by developing a guarded demeanour that can appear aloof or overconfident. You do have a very big heart however and a genuine desire to serve helpful causes, though you do fear losing and its consequences, reflecting your sense of inferiority. When feeling insecure and inhibited, you can experience difficulty with relationships and with life. When you face your issues with awareness and commitment, you can accomplish your life’s mission of using your powerhouse of creative energy to uplift and inspire, to support and heal. By virtue of your creativity and presence, you have within you the archetype, energy, and creative inspiration of the inventor, the artist, the athlete, and the leader. A natural networker who can enjoy many contacts, you represent the paradox of the strong individualist who is also here to serve the larger good of the community.

    In the financial arena, you can attract money because money is a form of energy and ‘like attracts like’. As your energy flows, so flows your abundance. To the degree that you have stepped forth and expressed your creativity in positive ways, you can do very well financially, achieving the security so important to you. When not working in the positive, you may demonstrate and experience ‘down-in-the-dumps’ feelings of insecurity and lack. For you, money is just a way of keeping track of how your energy is flowing, although sometimes the accumulation of money can become a kind of competitive game or a way to gain others’ respect and approval – a strong motivator for you. As long as you focus on creative service, you will find that abundance comes naturally.

    You have to believe you deserve better in order to change your life - but right now you are not feeling that way. You have the strong willpower, creativity and good intuition to accomplish anything. Now listen - what is your intuition trying to tell you? You will have to push away all the fear and self-doubt to hear it speak.

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