Captain, Bloom or Brain Tristin - Can you tell me ?

  • Why I keep seeing the numbers mainly on clocks 11:11 and 5:55 or even just these numbers in general . Is there any meaning or messages to be had with them . I have seen these numbers many times in the last 2 weeks either at home or driving in my car . Then again It might not mean a thing . but thought I would ask just the same .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • It means your guides and the angels are around you for protection. Also that you should be aware of your thoughts at the time you see the numbers to make sure you are thinking positive thoughts.

  • Ihave been seeing 11:11 and !:11 on clocks . captain what was the name of the thread you started where you gave every one the number this year would be for them? you told it would be a year for crossroads for me and i think you told me it would be an 11 year for me, i just wanted to read what you wrote for me again, thanks Captain!

  • I don't think that was me. I did post a thread where it showed Doreen Virtue's angel interpretations of repeated numbers, as above. ^

    But to know what year you are in, just add your birth day to your birthmonth to 2010. Like me, I'mr - 7 plus 5 plus 2 plus 1 = 15 which reduces to a 6 personal year.

    Quick summary of the personal years -

    1 - New beginnings, a time to take action, make plans, be selfish, have courage, take the plunge, new foundations and new opportunities, nothing impulsive or headstrong.

    2 - Intuition in matters of the heart or business, releasing emotional or mental blocks, relationship make or break, partnerships.

    3 - Expression, sociability, the arts, creativity, vacations and relaxation, fun, caution with finances, don't scatter your energy on too many activties.

    4 - Structure and order, hard work, career opportunities, business, security, building up from a foundation, making important connections, patience, saving your money, slow but positive.

    5 - Freedom, adventure, upheaval, crisis, change, surprises, writing, expansion, breaking routines, reconstructing a more authentic life.

    6 - Nurturing, responsibility, family, selflessness, the home, protection, benevolence, helping others.

    7 - Spirituality, reflection, introspection, retreat, solitude, intellectual/metaphysical studies, greater awareness and problem-solving, a time to get centred, a personal 'alone' time.

    8 - Ambition, career success, strength, action, material matters, personal prosperity, rewards reaped from past efforts, force, energy, power.

    9 - Completion, endings, getting rid of all that is useless or outdated, letting go of people and things that are no longer valid in your life, grace and gratitude, release.

    Master Numbers:

    11 - Illumination, soul growth, a time to give of yourself, time for spiritual/artistic/psychic ventures, inspired thinking, originality, inventiveness, unexpected associations or unexpected breakups, opportunities to gain prominence, finding yourself in the limelight/in a favourable position to launch a new product, invention, or service. A "Go for it" year!

    22 - Power and wealth, the sky is the limit!, building something of lasting value on a grand scale that will benefit humanity as a whole, attainment, manifestation, realising your fondest dreams, if your motives are for the good of others, almost anything can be accomplished.

  • Captain, your a sweetie for posting this, but you did something about numerlogy, i remember you told me that this year was a crossroads for me. you did everyones year for 2010(maybe im getting the thread wrong(heat to much for this wee brain 99 degrees

  • I just read your reply again, and yes it was telling people what their personal year would be! ill do it by the formula you put here.thanks again for your knowledge! AND ALL YOU SHARE WITH US! you make me proud to be a taurus!

  • Thank you Captain for your reply and the link as well to one of your prior post . That is pretty neat stuff huh . I will definitely have to be more mindful when it comes to these repetitive numbers . Now I just have to figure out my personal year.

    Have a great weekend !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • HI Captain ,

    It happened again today 11:11 ~ How does one get there personal year number ?

    Doves ^A^

  • Hello Captain ....

    .I also wanted to mention ( Feathers) . There had been mention of Feathers in other treads in the forum . Well lately I have had more feathers in my path or even just floating down in front of me while looking out my window . Some are very tiny , some are a little bigger . I found another one today on my lawn , but it was a large Black one . Which either a Raven or a Crow feather . Or was it sent from an Angel or Guide . What is the significances of Black Feathers ? I read on one site that it was a good sign . What are you thoughts on this .:O)

    oh yes ..bump up 2 posts ..

    Thanks again !


  • I described how to get your personal year number above.

    And symbols have different personal meanings to the person who sees them. If you think feathers are lucky, then they will be so for you. Think over what each coloured feather means to you.

  • Alrighty , Thank you Captain .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi Captain ,

    Do you see a new Job for me anytime in the near future ? I am working at the moment and grateful for the job that I do have , but It is not what I want to be doing for the next 20 years :O). Or maybe I should be asking what my Life Path is ?

    Take Care and God Bless You !


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