Hopes and Dreams for March 2016

  • A place to share what you would like to create this month as well as receive support for any challenges you may face along the way...

    This month my hopes and dreams are focused on my new career and the past 5 months of work creating a solid foundation for the rest of the year. Looking for signs of Spring - the first shoots of grass or the buds of flowers poking up from the ground 🙂

  • A good year so far. One goal completed. Looking for peace thru self-expression in work. Working towards 2 creative ideas. Would allow me more contemplative me time. Something I've never had as far as work. I think I can accomplish this but in the beginning phase...

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  • Daliolite - I too had a vision of a career that gave me more freedom or at the very least freedom from the toxic environment I was in. A new job came to me last September and although it has not been perfect, it has released me from the "prison" I felt I was in. AND I have had the freedom to work from home which has been a huge blessing to me. I started doing a meditation with a mantra of "I invite my best life to come to me now" and two weeks later the HR recruiter from my current employer reached out to me. Just keep holding the vision for yourself!

    Dmick - good for you! I know it's difficult getting started and getting the routine in place as a habit. I started up again in January and am just now feeling like it's a part of my day instead of a struggle and reason to berate myself if I happen to miss a day. If trying to lose weight, be mindful that 80% of it is what we eat. The exercise program helps to make us healthier and feeling healthier can make us want to eat healthier as well. In the beginning though, my metabolism boost from the exercise made me ravenous - my stomach was rumbling and growling all the time no matter how much I ate! It's two months later and that is just now starting to subside. Good luck and feel free to reach out for support...

  • Watergirl18, Glad you're back.

    Dmick59, Good to see you.

  • I hope that the administration of this site will take the time to check on the "Report Abuse" submissions and get rid of the bottom feeder we have gunking up the Forum.

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  • Here's to good thoughts when you feel things crashing down... and to little acts of kindness, passing them around.

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  • Thanks dmick! Making some progress with my hopes and dreams for March...received some great return calls yesterday and set up some business meetings that have good potential for me. How are you coming along?

  • Baby steps, but progress is being made.

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  • Hi Watergirl, Thought I'd give you an update regarding my state exam. Made a 93 so you were right about the accolades! Was wondering if you'd do a reading on my current position. I feel I should move-on from this co. Anything you get would be fine though. Thanks.

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