Is someone available to give a new-comer to forums a life/romance reading?

  • This is the first time

    I've ever been to the forums site so I'm not really sure how it all works, I am wondering if someone was available for a reading. To give a little insight on me, the past 4 years have been a bit rough for me but have deemed to be more and more testing for me since 10-9-08 when my best friend past away. I then met a man Jonathan (d.o.b.11-05-71) around 2 weeks after her passing, I knew from the instant I saw him I was in trouble as it was "Love at First Sight" and I was not really prepared for that. We have been "Dating" ever since. But have had many many ups and downs. I know he cares for me. He says he loves me but doesn't make any time barely for us, his excuse is always work (has 3 jobs). My 2nd best friend was recently murdered on 04-08-10 , my mind frame is not worst nor the best and I respect him for taking on such a task as I was not the most sane when he had met me after the 1st death, & he knew my 2nd best friend as we were joined at the hip. He is just now stepping back from "us". Says He loves me but I'm crazy..... yet the week before said he wants to talk marriage once I get my life in better control as I am still seeking employment and trying to cope with so much lose. Is my life as doomed as I feel it is right now. Will I ever gain stability with employment. Or have my love, ever have a family, etc. Please help with any insight. Thank you so much,

    Kaleena (d.o.b. 07/12/82)

  • Kaleena, it's true that a part of us dies whenever anyone close to us passes on. But as life empties us, it also sends us things and people to fill us up again. During your time of grief, God wanted you to have the time to heal so He kept many things away from you to give you the space and peace you needed.

    But now you appear to be ready to jump into life again so just ask the universe to send you the things and people you need to fill you up again. Jonathan helped you out when you needed an undemanding part time friend to get you through. He too only needed a part time friend. There was more security and sympathy between you than passion. You both got what you needed at the time. There was no growth or moving forward but that was perfect for you back then. But now you are ready for much more - and more is what you will be given if you are open to it and are willing to put in the work to obtain what you want, instead of sitting around dreaming of it.

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