Interested in a rreading...

  • Hello Nick, I'm new to the fourm but been with for a few years now I'm wondering if you could read me...? Thank-U

  • Hi RyderontheStorm,

    This is what I picked up,

    You did something without thinking, not being smart

    Happiness with a friend

    I don't get you are using your talents in a good way

    Learning something new or making your craft better, a smile of a good job

    You recently lost control of your need to breath, slow things down

    You will see hope, give and recieve

    You know how to talk and listen...don't let emotions over ride that

    Loss of a friedship, something about lies or untruths

    Things will work small success, but with some bumps and bruises

    Hard to know where this is coming from but a lot of lies and double dealing around you

    You will need to set a goal, because I get the feeling you are going to start and just give some things up without trying...set a plan think it through and work towards a goal

    Some things to think about,

    Hope that helps,


  • Nick; Wow I have had a clairvoint tell me there is darkness around me, started stuttering and hung up that has bothered me a while and I think I feel it sometimes also,, Yes u gave me some things to think about and I will let u know the outcome....

    Have a blessed day


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