Lost and confused...

  • Feeling lost kinda like I'm all alone and have no one to turn to....My adopted parents are both deceased and had 3 brothers, 2 of which are dead and I do not get along with my only living brother. I had the most dysfunctional family and so many lies and secrets from the mother to me the only one I had was my father and he passed away when I was 25 it felt horrible he was the only person in that family that made me feel a father's love.

    I have found myself thinking about my birth family after all these years quite a bit lately I used to think about them after my father died but not in 20 years, I hope I'm not just grasping so I don't feel so lost and all alone, that's why I write to you now I'm wondering who or what you see around me.

    Thank-U for taking the time for me I deeply appreaciate it.


  • Hi Donna, im so sorry you feel so alone. Im here if you need a chat. It sounds like you've been through such a lot. I don't know what advice I can offer, but I can tell you you're not alone.

  • RyderoftheStorm, I will try and channel for you. It'll be a couple days..

  • Thank U that means a lot, I just can't seem to get a grip or motivation, I'm sorry I'm not in a talkative mood tonight.

    Speak Soon

  • I want to thank u for taking the time and energy for a channeling, Hopefully someone will come through.

    Thank-U again

  • Donna is your real name correct.

  • I was adopted, but Donna is a given name not a born with name, I was told my name was Sonjia

  • ok

  • Ryderofthestorm,

    Spirit is making reference to several things. I'm not done but will relate to you before I forget. Spirit is showing me either a swan or duck. Someone used to like to go by a pond or lake. Regarding a brother, for some reason, I'm shown a younger boy 7, 8, 9 sitting down. Felt he was sitting by a pond or water. Someone played the guitar--felt this may be your father. Spirit is showing me heights and someone w/mental instability. Referencing the 2, did two die together or are there twins. Something happening when someone was 9yrs old. A reference to the name Joseph. Strong indication of an addiction and someone passing from this. Also, family pet (dog) is being shown. Also, did someone suffer a skull/brain injury...

  • Ryderofthestorm,

    (be sure to read above-post). The last thing I want to mention is a strong religious reference. Kinda hard for me to tie into scenario but feel a religious group, organization was responsible for helping someone. This might be pertaining to the adoption. Lastly, hearts are brought forth. Love is sent. I feel like church can be a comfort to you...

  • Ryderofthestorm,

    Be sure to read top 2 posts above...Reference is being made to this time of yr. Something significant. I want to say 3 were born w/birthdays around this time--around Easter.

  • Yes you are very on point with this I will think upon this and get back with you on each point but you hit many and I will get back with you soon, Thank-You Donna

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