Anyone willing to do a career reading?

  • I'd love some insight if anyone has anything on my career outlook or possibilities.


    Nov. 18, 1977

    born in Helena Mt


  • What type of career are you looking for or want most?

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  • I am in the mental health field but, due to crazy circumstances lost four jobs this year before I could even start. Now, I'm just trying to find something and I'm hoping there is something on the horizon here where I am currently, however, I know I have an open one where I"m from;;; I don't know whether to hold on or let go and move back. 🙂

  • GYWM, your life path will unfold in the world of action and influence. Your capacities and genius lie in the areas of authority, leadership, and responsibility. If you can avoid a tendency to self-sabotage – in the form of having physical accidents, a fear of becoming obsolete or useless, alienating other people with your repressed power that can make others feel uncomfortable (this power can even frighten you), ‘forgetting’ to turn up for appointments or running late, or losing money in speculation or gambling (which will all end once you establish a heartfelt commitment to selfless service) you can assume the inner power, freedom and abundance which is your birthright. Your inherent life challenge involves the dynamic tension between fascination and drives for wealth, power, and respect - and fear of those things. This inner conflict will frame your life, so you will need to begin from an assumption of inner power, freedom, and abundance, rather than from a state of need or dependence. You will experience wealth when you start out feeling your abundance by counting your blessings right now; this gratitude will attract more blessings. The key for you lies not in pursuing or avoiding wealth or power for their own sake, but in manifesting them in the course of providing a valuable service to the world. In fact, you would benefit from visualizing yourself making good money, doing what you enjoy, while serving other people - with the emphasis on service. Such visual images can help to attract the support of a reluctant or fearful subconscious. You are gifted with the ability to implement your visions and, by developing a deeper compassion, you have the potential to create a better world, working towards a greater good - whether for your family, your community, or society in general. Learning selflessness can be difficult for you, entering the world as you do with a radiant energy that attracts attention and inspires admiration. But in order to grow spiritually, you must learn to direct the spotlight away from yourself and onto the more important concerns, ideas, or causes of others. Volunteer work or any gesture of selfless service can help you overcome subconscious resistance and any self-sabotage caused by your inner conflicts. You have the quick wit and versatility necessary to succeed, but you must apply strong discipline to prevent any tendency to become scattered trying to do too much, diluting your efforts by pursuing too many opportunities, to swing from extreme dependence when feeling passive or self-doubting to extreme independence when feeling aggressive. If you get stuck in neediness, you may out of desperation try to use other people as a means for advancement or learning that may lead to your liberation. But when you shift this attitude and see everyone and every situation as an opportunity to serve and share yourself, your life will make the corresponding shift. The more you freely share your money, power, freedom, and sensitive heart, the more you will get back from the world; the more expansive you are, the more your abundance expands. The fulfillment of your destiny lies not in your awesome mental capacity, but in your capacity to love and sacrifice. Your life path comes to fruition not merely through achieving wealth or power, but through using money and power in self-transcending service to the world.

    GYWM, you are here to use your courage, idealism and your powerful mind, which borders on genius, to create wealth through service and you can step forward in a position of benevolent leadership and authority in your family, community or in the arenas of industry or politics. You would make an excellent inventor, innovator or writer, or in any field in which a brilliant and curious mind can have free rein. Financial issues will always have significance for you, on whatever scale, since money is one of the central themes of your life. The good news is that you will eventually come to assume the role of a philanthropist, generously sharing your wealth and influence in the service of a humanitarian cause. You will likely pull yourself up by your bootstraps and could well become a self-made millionaire (once you stop the self-sabotage), using your money wisely and with compassion.

    2016 for you will focus very much on relationships, all kinds of relationships. Anything to do with diplomacy, dealing with people, networking, communication, human relations, and cooperating/working with others will be lucky for you. Any new ideas, relationships, or projects that were begun in 2015 should either start to gel or it should become clear, through lack of energetic support from the universe, that you will need to release some emotional and mental blocks that stand in your way. It is possible that issues in an existing relationship will come to the surface to be dealt with. Follow your inner voice in matters of the heart. This is a year to focus on your emotions and love. Last year was all about your work/study - it was a “me” year; this year is an “us” year. This is a slow-moving year, designed to test and build your patience. It’ll feel like you’re moving three steps forward, four steps backward at any given time. Concentrate on intimacy and relationships, fostering appreciation for yourself and your loved ones, and speaking your truth gently yet firmly. Don’t expect anything to transpire at a rapid pace. You'll need patience, patience, and more patience. Your personal energy will be focused on “us,” relationship, and harmony. Yet the energy of the year will demand dynamic action and a bit of self-centered achievement. It’ll be a delicate balance for you in 2016. It will pay off to circulate and impress people with your talents and abilities this year and to be balanced, sociable and intuitive. It is a time to cooperate and form new partnerships with others, to have patience, lay your plans, and bide your time (for success is sure to come if you are willing to prepare and plan well), but not necessarily to take on any big projects that may overwhelm you with details. In 2016, you are well advised to rest, reflect, and gather knowledge. Part of that process may be taking a well-deserved vacation or taking classes that are of personal interest to you without being overly demanding. Next year will be your big year for fun and socialising, so you will need lots of energy and focus to get through it.

    2016 is asking you to find ways of creating more harmony, stability and balance in all areas of your life. Indeed, you are searching for ways to make life easier for yourself, for example by letting go of a specific type of emotional behaviour which is preventing you from enjoying life fully, or perhaps by moving to a property closer to your job instead of commuting for hours every working day. In order to bring more balance into your life, you may need to look at situations carefully, weigh up which need to be changed, and then be prepared to do something about them. In 2016, you may also find yourself in situations that are the very opposite of what you had expected, but in order for you to find your ideal balance, it may be necessary for you to experience them. This cycle can be a time for major decision-making, but before doing so you are likely to consult your partner or best friend and talk it through thoroughly, and you will also pay attention to your intuition. If you started a new job, moved house or took on new commitments during the last year, by now you are beginning to find your way, and hopefully you are feeling more at ease with these changes. There may be a feeling that you want to backtrack on decisions made last year, but more often than not, these are based upon emotional fears which need to be kept in check in order to make steady progress. Indeed, any fluctuations in finances or emotions may be a part of the process that encourages you to work harder towards a balanced life this year. During 2016, you may find yourself hopelessly in love and experiencing undying romance; it is time for a blending of souls. Perhaps you may also seek out a special friend to share your hobbies and interests with, or merge your company with a new business partner. You will often find that you are attracted to acting as a couple. Whether you are living or working with another, you may find that other people distinctly fade into the background as you fully explore the relationship dynamic this year. Wanting someone to hold your hand so that you do not experience life alone may be a problem for you, along with relying on them for emotional support. However, you may discover that by learning to give to others, you feel connected to life, which opens up your heart a little further and makes you attractive to love. Negotiations of any kind may spring up and dominate your life during this cycle, but you may be required to work at compromises. You can even find yourself mediating on behalf of others, over which you will usually be calm and diplomatic, even if your emotions do try to get in the way. You can also find yourself defusing uncomfortable situations easily because you are able to keep your emotions in check, and because you do not take sides in an argument.

    But make no mistake, what happens this year is going to take perseverance and, above all, great patience. First, you must slow down and stop pushing to get results. What you want is going to take longer to achieve than expected, so tone down your high expectations of yourself and others, and pay patient and meticulous attention to the details of all situations. You must learn to move more slowly, attentively, and with mutual interests in mind. If not, you will miss too many clues and connections to make any kind of measurable progress. Widen your lens. See a bigger picture. Discover your connection to everything that is influencing your life. Of course, it can be difficult to slow down when you are so sure that you need to be moving faster, but until you do slow down - enough to see the finer and often overlooked details of your reality - you will have no idea of where you have come from, who you are becoming, where you are, what you're doing, why you're doing it, where you're going, or the roles that others are playing in your life. Clarity is one of the principle gifts for you in 2016, just as long as you slow yourself down enough to be able to claim it. Try to accept everything that happened in your past and, simultaneously, live in the present. This is no easy task, but if you make this your genuine aim, and do not struggle with the slowness of it all, or repress the emotions that it triggers, the insight you gain this year will carry you into a future of your choice. Let go of all that stress by letting your emotions flow freely. Once they have been expressed out of your body, you can relax. Being relaxed is being at ease with yourself. Dis-ease (illness) manifests when you are not relaxed or when you are ill at ease. If you hold on to stress and refuse to slow down, your body will become even more burdened by the pressure of 2016's slower speed. Illness, can result.

    Remember: stress is the pressure of feelings that cannot leave your body because they are being held in rather than expressed out. Whether illness is involved or not, if you do not significantly reduce your pace and your stress this year, the year's energy will find a way to do it for you.

    Correct timing and patience are major aspects for you this year. Your goals are either being taken care of behind the scenes where premature action cannot harm them, or they are dependent on other factors that first have to 'happen' before you can proceed. Patience does not mean merely putting up with adverse conditions. You must stand up for yourself as needed. But, for the most part, this is a year in which to quietly and conscientiously pave the way for future success. This entails careful attention to detail, and really listening to what others have to say. Take the emphasis off you. Achievements will develop through teamwork ego-less cooperation. Use your abilities in ways that will benefit others. You will be unable to move forward unless you are patient; unless you wait for developments to happen in their own time, and unless you relax your tensions and long-term concerns, and trust that the Universe is looking out and after you.

    Despite the slowness of the year, you will be making significant progress. You will become more sensitive to the metaphysics of life and be able to sense reality rather than rely on others to tell you what is what. You may experience intense flashes of intuition and inner knowing. Strange dreams are not unusual in 2016. Don't be afraid of them. They are trying to tell you something important. It would be a good idea to keep an ongoing record of your dreams. Write them down upon waking. No matter how abstract or bizarre they seem, you will soon see a pattern emerging which will provide insight into the issues of your everyday life. When you recognize and feel the nurturing of this year's energy, you will want to relax right into it. You will want to flow with it. In this gentle state of being carried along, your understanding of freedom and love will expand. You will know that aggression and denial of reality have almost killed our capacity to think, feel, move, and enjoy. This year's events will show you that Free Will is the next step of human evolution. Free Will is the future. Without it, we are slaves.

    This year's distractions, delays and diversions are designed to develop your power of patience. Each situation contains an important lesson or opportunity. Patiently assess everything that is going on around you and inside you. Learn to feel and sense your way through life instead of forcing your way through it or going into denial. Be sensitive. Sense your reality. Little effort is required when it comes to your personal ambitions. This process of delay and intrusion is actually helping them along. If you do succumb to frustration and surge ahead, you may force yourself into the wrong place at the wrong time, and you will need more than mere diplomacy to get yourself out of the mess. The circumstances of others will slow you down. Teamwork is highlighted, and you are likely to have a specific role to play within a group, partnership, or relationship. Be diplomatic and considerate while you figure out what these people have to teach or show you. Some will be teaching you 'how to', while others will be teaching you 'how not to'. If anger arises, allow yourself to feel it, preferably when you are alone. Get it out of your system. There is no need to confront people unless your feelings tell you it is absolutely necessary. Listen to what your anger or any other feeling is telling you, and you will soon understand why your circumstances are as they are. Ask yourself, "What is really going on here"? And then hear all the fear and judgment contained in your replies. A strong intent to feel what your feelings are telling you will activate your intuition and provide the answers you seek. Feeling your intuition takes time, patience, and a genuine desire to cooperate with it. Once you do, you will realize that intuition is a tool for understanding and improving any situation. You will also understand that humanity is made up of individuals who have a right - and a duty - to rescue their free will from those who would seek to control it by sensing and 'feeling out' the truth. Intuition comes from your inner feelings and not your outer thoughts.

    If you do not develop a warm and willing attitude toward others, you will find that your main experience is nervousness, conflicting relationships, blame, guilt, anger, fear, oversensitive and insensitive reactions, and unrelenting criticism. If any of this occurs, you may be trying to control another, or you may believe that others have the power to control you. Last year you learned about the importance of your individuality and independence. This year you will learn that everyone is operating according to their own energies; everyone has their own story to tell; everyone is of equal importance; and everyone feels. The way we treat and relate to others affects feelings and behavior and the quality of life. 2016 will make you aware of patterns of behavior that impede your freedom or someone else's. In these turbulent times, being able to tolerate, understand, and cooperate, is an exact and extremely valuable talent - and this is your year to show just how talented you are.

    The key words for you this year are: cooperation, partnership, creativity, peace, harmony, and peaceful co-existence.

  • **** = visua*l - I don't know why that would be censored???

  • Try again - visua*l

  • GRRR! First letter is "v'.

  • Sigh! as in Virgo the virgin.

  • This is amazing and I am completely distracted right now so I can't even focus on it completely. BUT, I'm coming back to this tomorrow and can't wait to digest it. I'm in such a crazy place right now that I can't wait to see how this all relates.

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate this!!!

  • This was a lot to take in. Im having a hard time processing some of it. For instance, last year, 2015 was a year where every molecule in my body focused on other's and it burned me out (really extenuating circumstances). This year I have definitely felt it was time to find "me" again because last year took so much physically, emotionally, and financially. Part of finding me is considering my job prospects, and here, I've had so much adversity. I desire to work in my field again, I miss it so much, feeling like I've contributed to something larger than myself that is intellectually stimulating and professionally challenging. I want it. There's a job open for me in another town that I'm considering. It requires moving across the country though and leaving my new husband and his daughter, given the circumstances though, it feels like an OK thing. I feel like I was placed here for a purpose and now that all of the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, it feels like it's time to go. Especially considering that my professional opportunities out here are a dead end and I won't reach my full potential or goals if I stay. I was hoping for some clarity with that. The offered job in the other state will be challenging and will get me to my professional goal, and I want that so.bad. It also puts me back around my family and I need the support so bad right now. This last year just drained me and I want "me" back.

  • And yet the year's vibes are calling for you to look to other's welfare more than your own. But hey, you have to be free to do your own thing if you want. Recent setbacks would suggest however that you are swimming against the tide rather than with it.

  • You are so right. So, I accepted this job that requires me to move and all of the sudden, EVERYTHING is falling into place. In my field, everyone's welfare is what it's all about. I think that the fact that I've given so much here that it wiped me out and now, they are in a good good place. It was an indicator that it's time to do my bidding with the greater good and let this here, air out a little. I'm so excited and hopeful again! Thank you so much!

  • You go, girl!

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  • Captain,

    I got it. Focusing on others "clicked" to me. I"m working in a mental health facility. It is taxing, draining, sooooo challenging and it's all about the welfare of others. i LOVE it. My life is just working itself out, which is wonderful, I'm so happy, satisfied, fulfilled. I feel like this is what I was meant to do. ❤

  • Wow-hoo! You DID go, girl, didn't you? Excellent news.

  • I did! I moved across the country about 6 weeks ago. It was THE best move...ever. I feel so much more balanced and able to give. I have no doubt that this is right where the universe wanted me to be right now. Everything is falling into place perfectly!!!!

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