Lost and directionless please help

  • Would love a physic reading if I could trouble so.eone for one. So many things happening and need guidance. Please x

  • In what areas of your life are you seeking guidance?

  • Hi captain, in my family life mainly. A lot going on there at the moment.

  • Universalheart, your powerful creativity is accompanied by equally powerful insecurities. These insecurities, amplified by mixed feelings about power and a tendency to disown your own power, can create challenging hurdles for you to overcome. As a result of these tendencies and related passive-aggressive traits, you may feel you need someone to lean on, like your family for instance. You may feel insecure about standing on your own feet and taking care of yourself; or you may control others emotionally or mentally rather than state what you want honestly and directly. When you feel needy and want someone to lean on, you may fall into games of control and manipulation. But when you approach others from a secure place inside yourself, appreciating your own attractive energy, you will see that manipulation is unnecessary and counterproductive, and you will stop giving away your power. Yet in the long run, you will find great satisfaction when you become self-sufficient and take control of your own life.

    You are here to work through issues combining material success and creative energy, applying your creative energy and intuitive gifts in the service of others, guiding with authority and compassion. With the combined influence of creativity and the inner gifts of sensitivity, strength, expression and refined intuition, your authority will come to full power once you overcome your life issues and obstacles. A major issue for you is trapped, unexpressed emotion – especially anger – which you tend to hold in or intellectualize, acting didactic and aloof. You may hold in anger due to concern about others’ opinions or because you fear the power of your own emotion. You can appear shy or quiet, storing negativity that needs to be discharged. You have an inborn drive for authority, and you will tend to gain respect from friends, family or society at large. Assuming this positive authority will fulfill one aspect of your destiny. But you may have some issues with authority and, before you can assume your own authority, you will have to acknowledge, express and finally release repressed anger towards authority figures in your life or in general. When your inborn leadership and authority shine through, you can inspire others and help your family - and yourself - to find the right way through. You have to step up to the plate and acknowledge your own power.

    When it comes to physically healing those you love, you have ‘healing hands’ and, using them with sensitivity, you can intuitively feel where to direct and channel life energy. If you give back rubs to family and friends, for example, both you and your lucky recipients will experience something special. However, due to a subconscious resonance with an ancient lineage of wizards, sorcerers or enchanters (some of whom misused their abilities), you may fear using your powers. If you use your abilities for a higher purpose to benefit all concerned, you can thereby release any subconscious fears.

    2016 is your year of empowerment. This year, you will prosper according to the strength of your determination, the accuracy of the information you follow, and the depth of your awareness. Throughout the year, your ability to make things happen and get things done will increase. Your expectations will rise, along with your confidence and feelings of satisfaction. Last year was deeply emotional and/or confusing for you, but it should have enabled you to answer many questions about who you really are and why your life is as it is. It had to be that way so you could know what your needs really are. Now, enough is enough. It's time to get down to business! You instinctively know that you must become stronger than you have ever been if you are to help yourself and others. You have the power to make a difference and you don't need to rely on anyone else to give you direction and purpose. 2016's energy will provide the means - the personal power - with which to change the status quo and accomplish a significant goal that will alter the entire direction and quality of your journey - and that of others. But power cannot sustain itself without accurate information, and that accurate information alone is not enough. Information that is not understood has no value and can even do great harm. This year will help you to develop CORRECT UNDERSTANDING of available information in particular regarding your family, your work, and all material matters. That is what produces the perfect balance from which visions are turned into material reality, and through which the material experience becomes a deeply spiritual one.

    This year's events and circumstances will lead you from one evolutionary experience to the next. Each will bring you closer to your 'right place' in the world. A sense of belonging is one of the most precious rewards on offer this year, but this quest must begin with where you are. If you are not happy where you are, then it is up to you to do what is necessary to change your circumstances. Your 'right place' is not necessarily a matter of geographical location. Being where you want to be can also refer to matters of love, relationship, health, status, finances, or any area where improvement is desired. Whatever your desire may be, it is important that you treat it as a goal - a reachable ambition. Even though your goals may be of an external nature, the ultimate goal must be the inner feeling of satisfaction, which is what happiness really is. Material gifts and support from others will come more easily this year. You may also meet others who are searching for the warmth of personal satisfaction, truth and freedom. You can no longer endure the limitations of those who do not share or understand your need for independence and fulfillment. At first, others may oppose you; those who think you may be aiming too high, or those who feel insecure with your ambitions. Or, you yourself may have doubts as to how you can make your desires happen when you do not appear to have the means or knowledge to do so. You may be able to feel the strong potential of the year, but are unable to pinpoint what it is you really want to accomplish. Once you believe that you can create what you want if you are willing to learn HOW to make it happen, you will realize that you are exactly where you need to be to find the necessary inspiration and resources.

    This year's circumstances will expose you to many different forms of power. Some will excite you while others will enable you to see the dire consequences of power when it is abused or neglected. However, only from a more powerful position of your own will you be able to retain your freedom and fulfill your needs. This is a year of dynamic action, efficiency, intelligence, and faith for you. It is a time to reap the rewards of whatever you have "invested" into life. These rewards depend largely on how much love for what you are doing is involved. Ultimately, you will learn that love has many different forms and is, without doubt, the greatest power of all.

  • My mother is terminally ill and has about a year left to live. Im one of her carers. This saddens me a lot. Maybe the anger is yet to follow.

    Other family members have challenges which can be harmful.to those around them, including me.

    Do you think I may have a gift also? Guess Im becoming more spiritual with all that's happening.

  • Thanks so much for you reading

  • This post is deleted!

  • You definitely have healing ability. You just have to believe in yourself.

  • Thank you. Can you give any guidance to any of my troubled family members? Much appreciates

  • I do not know how they are troubled or even who they are. I cannot tap into anyone's energy without something to connect me to them, like a birth date, photo or them simply posting something here. But if you tell me in general what their trouble is, I can try to give some advice - or someone else here may jump in with some practical tips..

  • It's of such a personal nature that id feel very exposed or vulnerable putting up the details. Thanks for you kindness though, you're a wonderful person. Im so glad you gave me the reading. Im just a bit lost at the moment.

  • here goes... can anyone tell if my family has been cursed? Someone once told me that they put a curse on my family. This person is, by the words of a psychic, evil. I once randomly bumped in a gifted psychic wiman and she said he was evil.

    My family have experienced more than it's fair share of pain, but I'm just wondering if it can be lifted? I understand that lifes has downs as well as ups, but you should see my family.

    I'm filled with a lot of sadness and pain. Feeling a bit desperate.

  • She named him and I'd never met her before. She definitely had a gift.

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  • Curses only exist if people believe they exist. Otherwise they can have no power over you. Me, I think a person's situation is created by their own actions. You need to examine your family's history to see if there is a way to change course by analyzing past choices and decisions. For example, if they have bad spending habits, it may to time to use discipline to save money, get some sound economic advice or get other jobs etc.

  • He's into witch craft, to each their own, but if he used it against me/us then I take massive offence to that. He said he used goats blood, pictures and hair to preform it... He's a nasty piece of work. Our family hasnt suffered financially. But in other ways. Thanks.

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  • Universalheart,

    I will do a reading for you but it probably won't be until this weekend. Curses only have power if you believe in them as Captain said, but I do believe some of us have heavier karmic loads than others. Hang in there and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Thanks so much watergirl118, you're the best. I really really appreciate it.

  • Hi Universalheart,

    I first just want to reiterate that this person’s “curse” only has power if you believe in it. I hope you no longer have any contact with him, but if you do cross his path again and he says something like this to you, then just laugh at him. You can also tell him that you have a daily ritual of your own in which you invoke the power of God and Archangel Michael to protect you, your home and your family from any harm and that any evil sent your way is returned to sender (you can actually do this instead of just saying you do it!)

    We all come into this life with lessons that we have chosen to learn and experiences we have chosen to go through. The important thing to remember is that we do not choose things we are not capable of bearing. We don’t get to understand the big picture of it all until this life is over and we get our life review. So we just do the best we can, stay as positive as possible, and take it day by day!

    I think it’s important for you to understand that our thoughts create our reality as well. If you believe you have been cursed and that bad things always happen to your family, then that is what you will create for yourself. It’s not so much this person’s “curse” as it is the power it has had over your thoughts. These negative thoughts actually attract more negativity to you. So catch yourself in the act and deliberately replace the bad thought with something positive, hopeful and uplifting. Kind of like hitting “CNTRL, ALT, DELETE” on your computer 🙂

    I pulled three cards for you from the Psychic Tarot and got Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Victory and Success. This came through to me as message that your thoughts (Crown Chakra) and words (Throat Chakra) can be replaced to create the positive outcomes you desire (Victory & Success).

    I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. A good start is to clear the energy around you. Clear any clutter in your home, open the windows regardless of the temperature outside to let fresh air flow through the house. You can also smudge yourself and your home to clear out any negative energy. If you are not familiar, google search smudging or sage smudging and you will get instructions. Keep fresh plants and/or flowers around, light white candles, etc. Don’t allow negative people in your home and if you can’t control it, smudge the house again after they leave.

    Next is to get your own energy centers or chakras going in a positive direction. Start with physical exercise and eating fresh, healthy food. Nothing processed. Try to cut out all sugar and heavy meat based protein. Yoga and meditation are great for this as well. Speak up when something needs to be said, just do it in a calm and loving manner. Once again, keep your thoughts and words positive as much as possible. Be good to yourself - kind and nurturing as if you were your own child. Take sea salt baths, use essential oils, etc. Envision a positive, abundant future for yourself and your family. Start a gratitude journal. If our thoughts create our reality, this means that what we focus on is what “grows.” So start being grateful for what you do have - even the smallest things like a bird chirping in your window, signs of Spring, fresh air to breathe, the fact that you can get out of bed and stand up with your own legs/feet to support you. Focusing on positive things and being grateful for them will result in the Universe sending you more. Focusing on the negative things or worrying about something negative (worry is a form of prayer) will result in the Universe thinking this is what you want and it will send you more of that. Worry, fear, etc. creates lack. Gratefulness creates abundance.

    I also pulled a Sabian Symbol card for you and got…

    Cancer 2 - A Person on a Magic Carpet Observes Vast Vistas Below

    This symbol implies a state of rising above and transcending. A heightened level of awareness and a broad overview of situations. It says to try to accept the positive opportunities that are being offered to you as you move through life with an exalted attitude that allows you to escape, unscathed, from things that bother others. Faith in the good things in life. Perspectives and imagination. Feeling above everything and unaffected by the situations around you.

    I think that is a good summation!

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