Lost and directionless please help

  • Thanks very much for your reading. Just found out that my dad might have cancer and my mom is terminally ill with about a year left. I'm in a low enough place. Good to see some enlightenment coming my way. Can you see anything about my family situation at all? So very grateful for your help xx

  • My.mom has been sick for a while, dad's not been sick for long, waiting for test results xxx

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  • Universalheart,

    I'm sorry, but I don't do readings on people's health. If I did a reading and the outcome was terrible what purpose would that serve? And if I did a reading and got a positive outcome it would more than likely come with instructions on what actions would need to be taken in order to get that positive result. Most people gloss over the instructions and just go to the positive result and wait for it to happen.

    Death is a part of life and the process of losing our parents is one of the major transitions we go through in life. I don't mean to sound callous - just the opposite. I empathize with you greatly and know how difficult this must be for you.

    Sometimes we become ill because it's our time to go and that is the path out we chose for ourselves. And that illness can be part of the learning path of one or more of our loved ones. Being a caretaker is often something we chose before coming here. Forgiveness is almost always involved as well.

    Sometimes we are faced with a life-threatening illness in order for us to choose to be alive again. I have seen and heard of many people who supposedly weren't supposed to live, but their spirit came alive again and they fought it through a positive output of life force and energy. Our beliefs are very powerful and create our reality. Making the choice of wanting to live stokes the fire within us, the DESIRE to experience more of this life along with the BELIEF that we will is what heals us. However, I also believe that the physical and spiritual must both be treated...my own personal belief...I do not think that ignoring modern medicine is wise. The doctors and medicine can treat the physical, but it's the coupling of it with our spiritual healing that creates miracles.

    I know this is of little help to you as you are reaching out for reassurance that I cannot give to you.

    If I were you I would spend each day in the power of Now. Spend time with your parents, laugh, love, reminisce about joyful events of the past. Just love them. Replace worry and fear with love.

    And don't forget to take care of yourself as well.

  • Try not to see this as a bad thing or some sort of punishment. It is simply your parents' time to go home and be at peace, and for you to lose your dependence on them and come to stand on your own two feet. This can be a time of empowerment for you all if you can see it that way, instead of looking at it negatively. There can be good results for all concerned.

  • Thank you, you're words have been reassuring and you put a lot of passion, care and time into writing your post. I will take your advice and cherish time with them.

    They are both so young to be gone from my life so I guess that's a shock. And at the same time. Im staying positive and have found great positivity from your reading and advice.

    Thank you so much for this. Feeling truely blessed.

  • Please let us know how you are going from time to time!

  • I most certainly will. Thank you both for your lovely replies and caring.

  • Amazing news my dad doesn't have cancer!!! Biopsy came back negative even though he had all the symptoms. Soooo overjoyed I'm emotional. Thanks for your good vibes and support. I really appreciate it xxx

  • Excellent!

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