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  • Hi Daliolite,

    May I have a reading?

    I'm having a lot of difficulties with my sister. I used to see her as an ally - but she has changed. She's still a good person, but she's become very manipulative in matters that concern her. She changes her position depending on what is to her advantage, reneging on things we may have agreed on. Or she withholds information (claims that she told you) until the choice time, when it's too late to change things. A lot of this centers round a care-giving responsibility. It should be a collective duty but somehow I ended up taking the bulk of the responsibility. I've been doing it for 20 years - and it got harder recently because of health issues in myself and my charge. I've been begging for help from 1 year ago. She finally started to help more this year, but then she has begun blaming me for monopolizing her time. She actually told me maybe it's my destiny to shoulder this (alone). That's really unfair. Even if the Universe planned it such - it's a cop out for her to use that as an excuse.

    I am so disappointed.

  • Sure, give me a couple days.

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  • Hello, I'm wondering if u can see anyone for me, I was adopted but have a lost feeling I can't shake, Please Help Peace be with u,


  • Ryder,

    I can give a reading. Will you post your request on a new thread. It'll be a few days. Have a lot going on right now.

  • Yes Thank-U so much.

  • I'm not sure how to go to a new thread, ? I will work on it Thanks so much...

  • Danceur, Your reading is talking about moving ahead and time is of the essence. I feel this person (your mom?) health's at stake. You and sister are shown as having opposite personalities. As time goes by there's a need to unite. I feel there's something that you're not moving ahead on. I feel both are not moving forward. It's not about the both of you, rather. Danceur, it's not about offering the peace to her. The help your providing is the real reward. I feel like the person your helping may need to transfer somewhere. Problem concerning finances and money. There's a problem where the money is going. Don't let this stop the right decision. It's also about which direction to go. Drew wheel of fortune in advice--reversed. The moving of location has been stopped (for now.) I feel like it's inevitable that something else needs to be done. I feel the avoidance from both on some issue.

  • Thanks Daliolite.

    I'm not sure if I understand your reading entirely, though...

    Would you clarify further? What do you mean - it's not about offering the peace to her, the help you're providing is the real reward?

    Yes there is an impending move - a temporary relocation while the home is being renovated. It's not my mom - it's an elderly pet. There is concern on how the move will affect him, because of his age, health, and temperament.

    There's disagreements over the accommodations within the family. Long story short, sis was on my side the whole way. I sourced for apartments for 2 months and just as I shortlisted a promising one, she suddenly switched sides and now her motivations are all different. i want to press ahead but I'm upset and confused - wondering if my plan is the right one, the right direction/path. Also, for some reason, there's delays in communication with the prospective landlord. Avoidance - I feel we probably need to talk to rest of family, but neither sis nor I want to. Truth is we've all gone our separate ways emotionally, and staying in the same house creates an unhealthy tension and artificial semblance of 'family'.

    Any additional advice?

    Also, if you're able, may I have a career/work reading? My contract is coming up for renewal in mid May. I've been here almost a year and a half. Wondering if I will still be renewed, let go, offered a different role, or converted to a permanent employee. If I can remain here, I want to propose a cutback on my hours (and salary). Not sure how that might fly with my boss. This is not my ideal job - I'm only hanging in there for now, to build up my savings.


  • Danceur, Are the two of you thinking of sharing an apartment.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Yes that was the plan...with the pet joining us. I hope he can cope being away from the rest of the family in a foreign will be stressful on us, I just wanted a nice apartment to mitigate that. Family didn't want to join us initially, and to be honest I was glad - as I wanted to get away from them.

    But now Sis wants to join the rest of the family - wherever they end up staying - which forces me to join because I can't do the care-giving alone.

  • Danceur, Something about the contract she doesn't like, want or need. You'll prob want to keep the cat indoors. Put stuff that has your scent/smell around him. The different environ will have a lot of different odors that humans can't smell. Personal items like socks would help. I'll do a reading on work after I channel for someone. Your reading centers around this family "base" of yours (and finances.) Your mom figures in foundation of reading--queen of pents. Finances figures-in the challenges and past part of reading.

  • ps--your reward is the caregiving--the true test of love, kindness.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Yes I get what you mean. Even though care-giving is tough, it's a privilege to be able to do this for another. I am scared though, that I will suffer the worst eventually, because of how much I'm emotionally invested in his well-being.

    I look forward to the career/work reading - thanks!

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  • Danceur,

    I'm getting the "oneness" involved w/work. You have taken on different projects and you may feel as though you've proven yourself. At the same time, seems there's a female energy involved in something else or another slot or is there another opening. Position is more open to amount of work or more work involved not so much skills, creativeness, etc. I feel like if you did move on you'd be closer to something that you're looking for. I feel like there's something you did at this job that helped you even tho they're more concerned with "amount of." I don't see a lot of movement in this reading. There's a challenge w/a male authority figure. Perhaps someone the female person reports to. Money is the bottom-line--king of pents in challenges. W/you it seems it's about proving yourself (you've taken on too much, here) The reading is mentioning the struggle that you feel. You feel this job hasn't improved your health. I feel this woman figure has helped in some way. She would like to see different things happen, develop (queen of cups) crowning 10 of wands-reversed. Two of the cards from your previous readings have shown-up again. Wheel of fortune, instead of being in advice is now in past position. 2 of wands is now in your foundation. New plans, new goals are very much alive. You feel like you're alone or a one man show and this is a block for you. The test over whether or not is really "does it all matter in the long run." What matters the most is what you want and need and not so much anything else. You've closed yourself off--4 of cups in situation. I'm not saying your arrogant or be arrogant just grab your emotions and embrace as positive and know that you're worth it--page of cups in future position . It also feels like you've been saving money. You've worked hard for this. Something about saving money and what to do or venturing somewhere else, doing something else. I think you're waiting on the outcome at this job. Will they see your hard work and creativity or are you just stacking straw is the advice here. You're waiting on their outcome. I believe the female energy will create some role in co. I can't, however, predict outcome here as it's not clear. I feel she has to work within a frame work and it's hard for her to move ahead on some level. I think you've been patient but you're also "closed" emotionally.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    This is a great reading - thank you!

    It's true what you're saying - the real issue is 'is it worth it?'. Well honestly, only in the short run, only strictly to create some semblance of stability so that I can look for another opportunity and build up my savings. I feel pressure to remain here - because jobs are scarce and my physical therapy is costly. This is not where i want to be. Overloaded and not appreciated (which is the same deal at home and with the care-giving). I have indeed 'checked out' emotionally...because it is so much to deal with...

    I want to be recognized for my true value which is the quality of my work, critical thinking, subtly challenging norms, deconstructing and rebuilding - don't believe in measuring of worth by overtime, and I enact boundaries. Understand that most companies do not embrace that, hence the difficulty in me finding a permanent job. Headcount/budget is tight - I see them trying to shift people into different roles. Could be that my boss may be having trouble convincing her boss about extending/converting me (although she really does need an assistant). Comes down to dollars and cents.

    I did want to try something else - I was so inspired to try, but now it seems like a far-fetched dream. So many obstacles, and I'm not in the right circumstance to go back to training etc and try for a new career. Need to allow the blocks to sort themselves out - and then see if any new opportunities present themselves.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    May I have a new reading?

    I have been offered a renewal for the current job. I do not want to work here - not only have I completely lost interest, I also feel very stressed seeing the instability of the company and the sneaky firing/restructuring that is going on. I really feel the Universe is asking me to jump ship now.

    I am being offered a pittance of a salary increase. In addition to minimal benefits, I really think I should go. But it is helping to pay for my physical therapy which is costly. I also feel stuck because I have a semi work from home arrangement here (that eases the stress from care-giving) that will be hard to find in a new job. The job market is really bad.

    I am about to push for a higher amount (won't be much more even if they agree). Thing is, I feel I should just leave and don't bother about negotiating. Question is, will I be better off if I do so now?


  • Danceur, Instead of a tarot reading I'll do a psychic reading and see what I'm given. Give me a day or so.

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