Would a tarot give me a card reading for the coming months pleas ?x

  • Hi there I'm not sure how this page works n if this is ok to ask? I was as wondering if a tarot.reader would mind doing me a reading and.sharing. my reading with me please,im not unhappy but feel a bit lost in the big picture..My name is skye my Dob 26,11,1986. Thanks all x

  • Hi skyeblu,

    Here are the feelings I picked up,

    your going to stay where you are, no change

    you are feeling stuck, I get a sad feeling

    things are not stable, there is a feeling you want but I don't think it is true

    Don't forget who you are, and what you stand for and can accomplish

    things don't happen right away, but someone is not being true

    you will ride out the storm that is to come, use your imagination

    loss of a friend, but they weren't being true or not telling the truth

    Your worried about the doubt, don't question yourself

    your going to have a tough time handling more than one thing at a time, so concentrate on each one and see it through

    you will have something good happen

    a guy at the end be careful, he doesn't like things that go against what he wants, or handle the situation so it is smooth, feel he can be angry

    hope that helps,


  • Thanks nick your reading is appreciated, tho u picked up on my negative feelings this isn't me as a person, I love my life and am blessed with two healthy beautiful children. Only when i look at the big picture I wonder if a decent man will ever become part of our life. Can you tell anything more on the feelings I want but you don't think are true please? I'm not clear on what you mean. Thanks again x

  • skyeblu,

    The fourth line is the reminder of whom you are

    "Don't forget who you are, and what you stand for and can accomplish"

    You may be feeling like you can't get out of the mud but that doesn't mean that is who you are; My readings are like snap shots of a camera in time, at the time of the reading this is what I picked up from your feelings. God gave us free will to make our own choices, so if you are feeling down this was to show you from a different perspective of what you are feeling.

    So if you are feeling doubt right now that is ok, everyone has it, what makes the difference is what you do to remove it or make those feels less likely to keep you in the mud. You may have just needed a message to say ok I may be having a tough time but I can do this, what do I want? ok I will get myself out and start walking to firmer ground.

    The last card was to keep an eye out, something in the back of your head message, sometimes when we want something we ignore the little signs that we normally pick up and don't ignore. If you chose someone just look at all the little signs and you will see them, don't shut out what I call that little voice in your head that will warn you what you already know.

    You know what you need to do,


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