Connection with passed loved us help please

  • This reading would be for my friend, she's here with me. Can anyone help her? She's lost a loved one recently so very suddenly and two other loved ones including her mother in the past few years.

    She often feels a strong connection with them and feels she might even have some medium abilities herself, which I believe to be true.

    Can anyone tell us something? Even by dates of births? How are they? Are they trying to connect with her? Any help appreciated x

  • I am not a medium but I can tell you that passed loved ones are always watching over those they left behind and they know what is happening with them. Once they pass over, they get plenty of angelic help to recover and adjust to their new circumstances. They may have been trying to get messages to your friend but she may have missed them. Her connection to them is real. We can all receive messages from the departed but we have to be open to messages arriving in any form, like a song on the radio or a bumper sticker or whatever.

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