Passed loved ones

  • Plz help me ,! I'm wondering if anyone can connect with my passed loved ones

  • Beckynan, Yes, I need your (real) first name, only. Then I can start.

  • Rebecca is my first name so happy you replied thank you so much

  • Ok, give me a couple days.

  • Rebecca is the friend I was asking for. Thank you x

  • Beckynan,

    Yes, there's a few energies (people) I'm picking-up so please bear with me. I felt a male presence to begin with. I feel this was a happy person. George or Jeff possibly. I'm going to start with the light. I'm being shown (literally) a light. At first, a flash of light, then a radiating light. I thought you could relate to this. I don't know if this light is headlights, a search light, etc. The next impression of this light was kinda like a lighthouse type light. At times, It felt like how could everything be so happy when this had taken place. I see things as signs and symbols. Sometimes I take on a feeling.

    Saw my symbols for gossip, lies and talk. I feel this will pass. I don't know if someone has trouble conceiving but I feel as though it's early-on in a pregnancy and it's under the care of meaning a dr's care is needed. I also feel as though a parent or grandparent passed and a child is being brought forth. You'll have to explain this to me because I'm unsure if this child actually passed. Do you want to know if the parent knows of this child. I'm getting double-symbols (more than once) of a parent and a child that passed. Parents w/child attached. I also feel as though someone (prob you) want to know if your loved ones know and see what is occurring in your life at present. It feels to me like someone is going to marry or has already. I also feel as though someone is pregnant. The answer is yes, your loved ones are with you. I feel like something happened during a significant part of your life. Unexpected.

    I hope this is accurate and you can expand on it for me.

  • Thank you very much is there anything you need to know

  • Beckynan, Mainly, if you can relate and how.

  • Yes I can relate to both of these parent that has passed and the flash light makes a lot of since

  • who is pregnant w/diff pregnancy (s)

  • My cousin is pregnant we are very close

  • My cousin is pregnant with twins!

  • Has it been difficult at times. I'm also getting a departed loved one (parent) and a specific child being brought forth. It's unclear whether this child passed. Thought I'd let you know.

  • She's had a lot of morning sickness, and has Been on Meds for this. She's also been very tired. Could this be it? The babies are at a healthy weight thankfully.

    The parent figure is my mother. Is she trying to tell me anything or communicate? It would mean a lot to me to find this out xxx

  • Thank you

  • Anything I validate or bring forth that you can relate to is her validation. The light, the pregnancies. Like I say, A parent is being shown w/child and I don't know what reference this is. The parent is your mom. I don't know specifically if she lost a child or someone in your family. I don't know if it's a child she never saw due to death. Maybe you can relate. There was a reference to an early pregnancy I believe someone lost a child perhaps early on. If you can't relate that's fine.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My mother had a baby who died, but don't know a lot about it tbh. There was also a baby born 5 days she was died, which she named. Is she trying to communicate anything to me? Anything at all.thanks

  • Ok, thank you. Your mom is relating that she is indeed w/the child/ren that passed. Mediums are all different. Often, as w/you, I see hearts when channeling--this shows love. I know I didn't relate this at first. The question really isn't IF she's present. She is. And so are the departed loved ones. I do not talk w/the departed. I'm given signs and symbols of their presence to relate back to you. I literally saw a flash of light in regards to (I believe) the male presence which I'm assuming is your dad. I don't know why specifically I was shown that (flash of light)--if you could tell me about it maybe I could understand why he's using this to communicate. If there's anything else, let me know.

  • Thank you so much. I always feel my mother in my presence. So nice to know she's sending me love and looking down on me. My male friend who died a few weeks ago and I used to walk with a flash light. Any more messages or signs from him. Thanks so much again.

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