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  • I'm currently a home health aide that works privately with 2 sisters and I'm employed with an agency as well. I had a client pass away in December thru the agency. Anyway I'm still waiting on another client but the agency hasn't called with any opportunities as of yet. The cash I makes with the sisters is just enough. My fiance and I are really stressed about money. Right now I'm on Medicaid and receiving expensive treatment for a condition as this time. So I need 2 jobs, one under the table like the ladies I care for and another regular job thru a company. If been caring for these wonderful women for over a year and a half now and become close. So I have promised them in the beginning I would find them a replacement before I switch into the career I went to school for. But for the time being I need more work. But I my fiance and I share a vehicle and I work for the ladies in morning,evening and weekends. All of these jobs such as retail and stores expect open availability to consider hiring. And everything is online now, due to fact I don't have totally open availability my online applications just get deleted out of the database. This is so frustrating! If been a home health aide for ten yrs and very good at it, I would like to know if I'm going to get a client soon.

  • I'll do a reading give me couple days.

  • Vettech78,

    The reading seems to be talking about the partnership w/the sisters and your fiancé. Has he mentioned re-location. I'm getting that he's dissatisfied on probably a couple different things. The structure of your relationship w/him is involved w/ this slow period. Maybe moreso than what you realize. At times, he feels like picking-up the pieces and leaving. The feeling I get is that it's best for both of you. I feel like he's thinking of both of you. The trying of different things involves him/looking for different occupations. The fact that you've slowed down means he's slowed down. It has as much to do with you as him. I feel like there's something very similar in personality between the two of you. I feel like he's not completely happy with what he does (either.) When you slow dowm, it causes him to look at himself (introspectively.) Stepping-out of your comfort zone would be much harder for you (than he.) Weigh the alternatives carefully and don't be afraid to do something in the same occupation. Perhaps different agency. I do feel as though you'll get something else (in time.) You need to step-forward a little more and assert yourself.

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