HELP! Three-card reading and all of them swords...

  • HELP!

    I desperately need some help interpreting a three card reading I did for myself not so long ago. I think I know what the cards were trying to tell me, but I'm just not sure. I'll give you the quick and dirty.

    So, I'm involved with someone I deeply care about, and would like to see the relationship go farther, but I'm also a bit frustrated. The last few readings I did concerning my relationship to this person had several cards "pop up" on multiple occasions...such as the Two of Cups, the Lovers, Temperance, and the Star. These cards keep showing up in my readings.

    Out of curiosity, I did a three-card spread, concerning the possible consequences (for my partner, not for me) if I were to break things off. Keep in mind I was concentrating on what the possible impact would be for HIM, NOT for me.

    These are the cards I got:

    Three of Swords

    Ten of Swords

    Knight of Swords

    Can someone help with the interpretation? My interpretation would be that it would be potentially incredibly emotionally painful. The three of swords and ten of swords made that as clear as day. The knight of swords is less clear. I read that as chaos and impulsivity, possibly rash decisions on my partner's part. Can anyone help?

    I just find it incredibly odd that out of ALL the cards in the deck, I drew all three from the suit of swords, and two of those (in my opinion) are the worst to draw. Any input?

  • swords are mostly about mental conflict and it feels to me like the cards are always trying to tell you that you are too wrapped up in your own head.

    personally, I found it odd that you would ask the question you did. are you wanting him to be torn up about it - playing the game of breaking up in order to get what you want?

    3 of swords - breaking up or contemplating breaking up with him

    10 of swords - a clear indication of too much mental conflict and its effect

    knight of swords - more mental conflict, rashness, acting impulsively

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