Traveling as a good option to keep relationships strong

  • I have seen many relationships fail on the move as the clutches of boredom catches in between due to usual day by day acts. Hence, from my own experiences being a professional from Kochi airport taxi service firm, I can suggest traveling as a best option to have such a problem being thrown away. Get sometime within breaks to have a travel plan and have some great moments together. It keeps you to be in connection and at the same time to have some refreshment in the relationship.

    I would like to know what you guys are going to share my perspective here and please care contribute your suggestions on the same.

  • I agree with the travel thing while you're on travel vacations you met different people in your whole journey. It depends on a traveler how can he make his relations with others while finding a new spot to hit.
    I've always used to find different riders to have different life experience with each driver.

  • uuuummmmm traveling to help relationships ...yes, of course this is a great idea. BUT many people don't have the money to do this. At least not where I live. I look around me and see so many families struggling to make ends meet for these people there have to be other options. Options that require creativity, excitement and detective work. Aha~ yes, that's right.

    Leaving little notes of love comments, or a picture, or invitation ....on bathroom mirror, or in lunchbox, or on car window or inside car on dash. The invitation would be to offer a bubble bath with candles and music. Or a dinner date on the patio or a picnic lunch at a nearby park. Sharing a hobby. Getting into helping someone in the neighborhood or a charity.

    USE your imagination. Ask, listen, and pay attention ALL the time to what is said and take mental notes of things he/she might say they wish they could have or do or go to. Write it down when you can and make a plan to make it happen.

    Just a few suggestions....

  • Everyone is traveling in their whole life, that does not require money. But somehow if you're planning for the holidays abroad that isn't everyone can afford.
    The thing is we make it hard for ourselves and don't even have time to make for our self.

  • hello ...have not seen a post from you before happy to have you jump in.

  • @thepoorguyharry

    you are right. thanks for your thoughts. It is good to have you jump in.

  • But what if we travel in our minds? Do we need physical distance then?

  • traveling "in our minds" .... that is definitely CHEAPER ...and no reservations required! lol
    And you can do it whenever its convenient for your schedule. Personally I do it often. Its like what they call "my happy place" ....and very healing. So yes, I vote for this kind of "get away"!!!

  • two quotes comes to mind




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