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  • I have been experiencing an existential crisis for pretty much as long as I can remember and have finally reached the end of what I’m willing to put up with and wait for. I would appreciate any help you guys can give, particularly in regards to what I’m doing here, but also with what I can do to make things better for now, and how long it’s going to take to get better. I posted this also in the Tarot forum, because I have read Tarot for years and would be happy to “swap” readings with anyone if they would like. But i thought I would go ahead and post in here as well because I'm really at a loss as to where to go for help and figured it wouldn't hurt to cast a wider net.


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  • Hi, I have a feeling that you know (inside) exactly what you want and what direction to take. You are the author of your story. When I think of tarot, I think of curiosity (what will the cards say). And I'm a curious person. I think when you become more in control (and not cards) that's when you'll find clarity. Why did that happen, what caused me to do that, why did I let that happen. Because you allowed it. Sometimes, taking responsibility is the hardest thing to do. Trust in yourself and God because, in the long run, that's who we have to live with.

  • Hello! I read a proverb once, (Chinese I think), that says "A cup has to empty itself so that it can refill itself anew again". I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe you are emptying outworn feelings and things that no longer serve you. This process would make you feel more sensitive as it goes on, but soon the energy turns and things begin to fall into place again but in a more positive sense as you become aware of who you are, what you want to become and how this can be accomplished. It appears to be a never ending cycle as nothing stands still for too long as everything is always in a state of development.

    I hope that you find some comfort in this and also the fact that others will also experience something like this too. Especially if they are of a sensitive and intuitive nature as you seem to be. I wish you all of the very best and hope that you find your way as I did. God bless, Love and Light, B.

  • Brilliant answer angeleaque! I completely agree with this just you worded it so well!

  • Hello! And Thankyou!

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