Soul mates, Soul love - have you found one or more?

  • Hi

    I have several people I am honored to say are soul mates. However there is one which has given me much inner turmoil in my struggle to find a way to integrate him into my life. I am married with one son and I have 3 male soul mates.

    The first two have been in my life it seems forever - we are all married to other people fairly contentedly and are happy in our way of being with each other. However, this new one has really shaken me up and I love him in the deepest way.

    I try sometimes to push him out of my heart because the pleasure/ pain is so overwhelming, but he is always in my mind, my heart, my soul.... I sometimes think I have got to a point where I can see him and not want to dissolve into him, so I meet him .... and melt.

    How does he feel? He loves it, fights it, gives into it, fights and rejects it, when he is not analysing it gives in to it..........

    I am interested to hear how others have integrated soul mates into there lives.... I guess hoping to find helpful snippets of information....

    I have a blog of all the text (sms) messages I have sent to him

  • You are pretty much in the same predicament I am in. I had 2 soul mates that I loved with all my heart and soul but they both died tragically at an early age. I finally married someone that I knew wasn't a soul mate but thought I could live with the rest of my life. Then last year I met my third and closest soul mate. We both believe we have been in each others lives over several centuries. The sad part is, he is my psychiatrist and 14 years younger than me. I know the age problem isn't a big deal in matters of the heart but our moral beliefs prevent anything beyond a good friendship and Dr/patient relationship. Even tho I am no Dr, I follow the law, "Do no harm". Soooo we work through this with meditation, physical exercise (releases a lot of sexual energy), and very open and honest discussions. I am always amazed at the amount of control and insight he has (he spent 2 years in a monastery) and has helped me back onto the path I was following for many years before my marriage. Sometimes my husband picks up on the energy between us but I always manage to point out all the reasons why the Dr would have no interest in me when a person of his nature could have just about any woman he wanted. My husband is a very basic person with very little spiritual inclinations. I have learned to accept that we have been and will continue to be linked through time and I'm willing to accept whatever lessons/relationship we are meant to have in this life. I know you suffer a lot of pain over your situation but I found reading Eckhart Tolle and Anthony DeMello have helped me a great deal in understanding and accepting what was, what is, and what will be. I strongly suggest everyone to read them in order to go beyond those road blocks to our spiritual, emotional and mental wellness.

    May you find peace in this life.

  • Thankyou, when my husband is not hovering in the background i will

  • I think that maybe soul mates don't necessarily mean they are the one for you -as in life partner. I think they can be in your life forever as special treasured people. I think we all grow up with this kind of conditioning that makes us think that a soul mate can be your only true love. The only main issue is that I physically need to be close to my soul mate. Its not just lusty stuff- thats the least of it actually, I just need to hold him, be in his arms feel our souls swirling... sort of communicate in a different way.

  • I used to think that you could have only one soulmate. Now I know better. What changed my mind? Accidentally finding an old friend and realizing she was my first true love...and a soulmate. It's like you said Flusty...she's always in my mind, my heart, and my soul. It's stronger now than it was 13 years ago when I first met her and I haven't seen her for 11 of those years and I don't know if I'll ever see her again. I pray and hope that I do, but right now I settle for emails, im's, and phone calls.

    It's kind of hard to explain how I know she is a soulmate after we've not seen one another for so long. I just know. Plus, the connection and the pull of just wanting her in my life.

    I do believe that we can and do have more than one soulmate.

  • i recently found a great blog, where the subject was soulmates

    and he said to me:

    flusty, it sounds like you have a “good mixture” with this guy, by my definition — your auras, if you will, blend in such a way as to move you to a different, higher emotional state. I agree that a soul mate does not have to be a life partner, but I do believe that it’s necessary, when you find a good mixture, to follow that and focus on that, to take that heavenly energy and rather than simply consume it (maintaining bliss forever), to try and transform it in some way. I don’t have a map for doing that. One thing, though: while this communication, this energy is yours and his alone — you can be sure that both your partners are at some level aware of this relationship, and that it affects them. So on this point I say, if your soul mate is not your primary relationship, then there’s a problem. Are you having an affair? No, it sounds more like your marriage is the affair, in the sense that the marriage is the distraction from your real relationship. People choose to stay in marriages for all sorts of complicated reasons — they provide safety, there are kids, etc. — but it sounds like you are leaving, at a certain level, and your husband probably knows it. So whether to actually leave, or to continue the fiction? Neither is wrong, in my book. Which one makes you stronger?

    It really made my head spin..................................... it upset me because much as i would like to deny it, in my heart i think he is right........................................o god!!!!

  • I know this is relatively an old post, but boy do I need help here. I believe you can several soul mates throughout your life, and can honestly say, I have a few in my life, right now. However, I met this man online over two years ago, and this is quite different than anything I have ever experience before. We established a remarkable friendship instantly, and it developed with every passing day. There is such a strong connection between us, as well as a strong attraction. I moved to his country last year for my education, and we met twice, it was remarkable, however, whenever he would leave it was like he was always so confused, and he would run...meaning not contact me for weeks at a time. Recently I told him that I could no longer keep in touch with him, for he is married, and I am single, and the feelings that I have for him, appear to be more than he admits, however, he does admit there is a strong connection, and he too feels the same way about me. I always know when I am going to hear from him, because I will dream about him the night before. We had in the past tried to keep our distance from one another, however, for some reason or another, one of us always reaches out.

    Nothing physical has ever happened between us, but boy was it ever so difficult to keep restrained. It is against my moral principles to be even involved with a married man, and he is a such a good man, that it would destroy him, if he ever went against his moral principles. That said it is like a painful longing for each other.

    Since telling him that he needs to give his wife his 100 percent, I feel good about this, however, I miss his friendship so much. When I met him online, I was going through a rough patch in my life, and asked the universe for meet someone that had certain qualities, and bam I met him. It was not intentional, really, we both had signed up for a business networking sight around the same time, and one day he sent a friend request. I was taken back by this strong sense of familiarity that it took me a few times of logging in and out before I wrote him. I felt that for some reason or another I knew this man. I even jokingly told my friend, I think I have met my future husband, that is how strong the feelings were. At that time he was not married, but engaged and his wedding was to take place a few months later. He was really in turmoil about this, for his "circumstance" as he says he felt he needed to do get married for the sake of "circumstances." My plans of attending graduate school, were already in the process before I met him, and was taken aback how things transpired. When arriving to his country I knew he lived away from the metro city, however, not sure of the town, it just so happened I found a flat 15 minutes from his home. Not intentional by no means. Since telling him we needed to stop communicating, I feel him all the time thinking about me, and at times, I get frustrated because I never felt such a strong connection. The other night I dreamt about him, and knew I would hear from him, and true enough, I received an offline message from him, telling me that, even though your not a fighter there comes a time when one must fight, and this truly might be the time." I am going through a difficult time right now with my ex and my child. So, hence the message.

    Since telling him that we could no longer keep in contact, I have been running into his wife, in odd places. She doesn't know anything about me, but when I do see her, I get this overwhelming feeling that she does know me. I am not sure why, or what this means.

    On many occasions, the connection between us is so strong, one example is this. While still in my country, I was doing something really involved, he came to my mind and something told me to go to the computer, so for some reason I stopped what I was doing, and went to the computer, and sure enough he was online, IM'ing me that his son was missing. Instantly, I told him not to worry and I would be praying for his son to come home, within a half hour later, he IM'd me again to let me know his son had made it back to him. When there is a connection this strong, will free will always keep it from transpiring, or will some how the universe guide you to be together? I have never felt such a strong belonging with anyone before, and as sad as it is, I ask myself all the time, will I ever meet someone else that I want to be with. When he came to visit those two times, we talked for hours, and laughed and had such a wonderful time, I have never met anyone like him, with the same values, same interests and same heart as mine. It is wonderful, but so sad...I miss him so much! Please can anyone tell me what is this madness?

  • I agree you can have more than one soulmate but I also have one that has had a stronger impact on me than all the rest and I can never forget about him. Its like the more I try to forget the harder it becomes living without him. I think he realizes the connection and it scares the shite out of him. I have learned to let other people in my life love me and me love them back but it will never compare to what we have. I guess what I am saying is Love the one you are with because you never know when our time here is up and you cant go through life lonely and miserable over someone even if they were meant for you. God Bless all of you!

  • I so believe that people have more than one soul mate. I am with someone, not married, but with this person for 20 yrs. For the past 2 yrs I have worked with someone/my boss of the same age, we are friends/ he is married. We have this connection that completes us. We are happy around each other, we argue, kind of like we are married. We both have kids, but we know that without each other we are empty. I do find myself sexually attracted sometimes, I don't know what to do anymore. I know he wants more sometimes too, but then will we ruin our connection? Not so sure. I don't feel guilty about anything, because we haven't done anything.We both know though that what we have, which is unexplainable, is better than what we have with our own. Sounds terrible. Anyone reading this, read my 2 topics and comments and see if you can add to it to help me out. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  • lovinmylife, I understand what you say when you say love the one your with, however, right now my mindset is on other things, so being by myself helps me stay focused on ME, lol and my future. I was married for 14 years, to the wrong man, but the man who gave me the most precious thing in my life, and that is my beautiful daughter. It was the most dysfunctional relationship one can ever imagine, so I decided not to get involved at all with men, until I finished my education, and started a career of my own. Then my friend came a long. Like I said physically, nothing, but the spiritual connection is so strong and so there. I finish my education in December, but have to write my thesis, so won't be finished finished until March. I am not sure what will my happen in the future, for still uncertain what I want to do or will do. I know what I want to do, and am trying to put it into fruition now. Any possible things could happen, but I would personally love to stay here, and build a life, but with things going on with my daughter, I really don't know what the future holds for me. Just keeping my eye on the goal...(smile)

  • I don't know if I've ever found my soulmate yet. Maybe I am just a dingleberry then. But some people would say I have found mine, but I always beg to differ.

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