Genuine insight appreciated

  • Hi all,will any one pleas help me find clarity in my life, I'm a single mum to a ten year old and one year old,both boys. Currently studying at college and had no love in my since my life since one year olds dad who left me with little confidence and a broken heart. is there anyone out there for me ?

  • Hi Skye,

    The first step is to go through whatever process works for you in letting go of the disappointment and heartache from your last relationship(s). This can be a long difficult process or very easy. It will depend on you, your history, and what lessons this particular man came into your life to teach you. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself.

    Then you will be able to begin the process of building back up your self esteem. You are parenting two boys yet still are in school to better yourself - that's something to be very proud of. Write down a list of all these things about yourself and tape them to your mirror. If you have trouble thinking of things then ask your family and friends. You will be amazed how much differently other people see you than you see yourself!

    The angel cards I pulled for you were Beauty (you are a wondrous being of light, there is nothing to fix or change) and Psychic Protection (what you believe you create, nothing can harm you). Once you can release this past heartache and release the negative thoughts about yourself (replacing them with all those good things your friends and family tell you), your confidence will return, your dimmed light will begin to shine again, and there will be many men for you to choose from!


  • Oh wow thanku I'm going to follow your words to the letter, I know that I still have issues over him but you are right its time to let them go, he taught me nothing I can value except people can and will treat you like nothing, Thanks watergirl xxx

  • You are very welcome. Just remember that relationships are our greatest spiritual teachers. They hold a mirror up to us. If he treated you like nothing then he was reflecting back your own self esteem. At some level deep down there is a part of you that believed that was all you deserved. Work on yourself and then you will attract a better partner!

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