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  • MissyMill, It's your mom's. Animals come thru as much as people w/me. You know, everyone's different. People change, situations do. I just know what works for me. In relationships, it's whatever doesn't require a lot. Tanya Tucker had a song..If it Don't Come Easy, better let it go. I very seldom make plans or schedule things. Everything is pretty much spur of the moment. I can also head west and completely change and head north--I'm speaking of my career here. Anyway, talk w/you later.

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  • Daliolite, my mother has actually had several small dogs like the chihuahua. It is neat that you are seeing her pets. She loved them dearly. I wish I had such a propensity to change course so quickly. Mt bf is more like that. I am a planner, ans sometimes his inability to plan things makes me nuts. I experienced that over the weekend. I realize that I need to relax and go with the flow with him... that's not easy, and it makes me really frustrated with him at times. Indeed it is a learning process!

  • znl, feel free to comment if you had something you wanted to say.

  • It was a bump for the thread to the top behind all the troll and spam.

  • Well, thank you znl. I appreciate that.

  • Daliolite, if you are still watching this thread, I wanted to let you know that I did verify that my bfs grandfather, Joseph was in the navy. So they anchor you saw must be for him. I also had an interesting experience out at the farm this weekend. we were standing near the house and about 30 feet away, in the woods a tree fell. We heard it crackling and falling and then I saw it fall against another tree, and then it stood there at an angle. Something else that I thought was interesting is that there were three buzzards circling the property when we got there. There may have just been something dead in the woods... but it felt significant to me. the weekend ended with my bf burning his hand. He was burning trash and spilled some gasoline on his hand and it caught fire. He was able to put it out, but ended up with second degree burns on the back of his hand and it is severely blistered. I just wondered if any of this seems significant to you, or if I am being overly sensitive.

    Thank you! and blessings to you!

  • MissyMill, I'm gonna put this out there ok...Does your bf have anything creepy in his background. The knocking you heard at the apartment could be a pre-cursor of the tree-fall. Just spirit's indication that they are w/you. Horses are a symbol given to me as a sign from God. Back in Jan. I bought a picture of a horse and carried it in the back seat of my car to class that eve. On the way to class, a white SUV came barreling towards me from the oncoming traffic. I still don't know how I was able to avoid that car and how it missed me. Horses are a sign of God's presence, something that has followed me (a symbol.) The knock, the buzzards are perhaps significant on some level. The good thing is that nothing happened. I live behind a FM rd and buzzards are always circling waiting for cars to run over something. Is your bf's place close to a main road or FM (farm to market) rd. Buzzards don't have any significance for me. It's not one of the symbols shown to me when I channel. My mom stayed at my grandparents after they passed and she'd get creeped-out because several would roost on a pole there. Her house was on an FM rd so the buzzards prob found the place peaceful and a good place to watch for road-kill. I think diesel (gas) may not be quite as explosive and better to burn with. I live in a rural area and have to burn sometimes.

  • I know he has alot of child hood trauma from abuse. I sense that there may be some kind of sexual trauma, but unsure to what degree. His twin sister confirmed that, she thought so as well, but did not know any details. She thinks it was his grandfather... perhaps the one you are sensing, but I am not sure which grandfather she was referring to. He has made no mention of it, but I sometimes see it in some of his attitudes and comments that he makes. Perhaps in time he will talk about it.

    Horses are significant to me as well. Mostly because I love being around them. love their energy, and love to ride. I had horses as a child, and hope to have them in the future. BF and I are talking about it if we make the move out to the farm. I have never thought of a horse as a symbol as you have, tho. I will do some research on the buzzards. His place is not near an FM. In the whole past year, I have not noticed them anywhere around the farm. I remember seeing them as a child around my grandparents farm.

    BTW, it was diesal gas that he was using.

    One more thing. I had a disturbing dream last night about my sister dying. The family has not seen or heard from her in nearly 6 years. In the dream, I was talking to her, and she fell asleep sitting up, then it switched to me going to my Mom's home for her wake. No one could explain her death and I was really upset over it. Any thoughts on this?

    Blesses be!

  • MissyMill, I'll respond tomorrow.

  • Thank you Daliolite. I also wanted to tell you that I had a dream the other night about my sister. In the dream I was going to my mothers home because my sister had passed away. I have not seen or heard from my sis in 5 years. I wonder if this is connected to the buzzards and the trees somehow. I do not fear that something has happened to my sister, and I feel there is significance in this dream. Do you have any feedback on that?

    Thank you and blessings to you.

  • MissyMill, Haven't asked for quidance on this one. Trees are symbolic for me and usually indicate family. Given all this/ with the dream don't really know how to interpret outside channeling. My advice is to try and contact your sister, if you can. You don't want to end it by hearing of her passing. As far as the buzzards, before you mentioned it I kept hearing where the buzzards are is where the carcass lays. I think that's from the Bible.

    Your welcome, a few of my thoughts.

  • Thank you for your response. I really do not know how to contact my sister. She has never kept the same phone number for long, and moves frequently. The only link I have to her is through court records. That is how I found her last time. I have started looking for whatever information I can find on her. I pray for spirit to guide me to finding her.

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