Dreaming of my name

  • Daliolite, I hope you are still watching this thread. I have had some other things happen over the weekend that I am hoping you can explain. I don't remember if it was Sta or Sun night. I stayed out at the farm with my bf and when we went to bed, a lamp on the dresser came on just as I was drifting off to sleep. It was across the room on a dresser, not close enough to the bed for either of us to have turned it on. It was a small touch lamp. It freaked us both out. I told him that it was his Dad trying to get his attention. He justified it as a mouse or insect or something running across it and setting it off. What do you think?

    There were other things as well, although I cannot remember them at the moment. I should have written them down.

  • Oh ya, I spoke to my Mother on Sunday, and she is having pain in her kidney area. The docs have ruled out a kidney infection, but she is still in pain. Do you have any feedback on that as well?

  • MissyMill, Will get back to you on your questions..Tired tonight, give me a day or so.

  • Hi MissyMill, When you say you stayed at the farm, are you talking about your BF's trailer..Did your mom lose a child. Perhaps one before the other. Also, issues w/the reproduction system. Kinda like something that spread because of proximity, like endometriosis. Maybe a tubal pregnancy. This is in her past. I'm kinda branching-out here. Also, was your BF's father or any father in the navy. I'm getting an anchor. A name starting w/J. I'm shown a candle that is lit. I haven't started a channeling session these are quick impressions that I got.

  • Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Yes, we were at his Dad's place over the weekend. The farm that is in probate due to his Dad's passing. His father was in the military, but I am not sure which branch. I am thinking it was the army. Also, I think his grandfather may have been in the military, but I don't know which. His grandfather's name was Joseph, and I think his father's middle name is Joseph, but I am not completely sure of that. Joseph is a family name that means alot to my bf, and we discussed naming our child (the one that miscarried) Joseph.

    Yes, my mother did lose a child. Her first born son was still born. Later in life she did have a miscarriage also. She has since had her tubes tied. I am not aware of any diagnosis such as endometriosis. I will have to look into that.

    I burn a candle every night that I am at home. Two actually. One is to strengthen the positive energy and love in our relationship, and the other is for my lost child to keep him close and invite him back into my life, and into my womb.

    I look forward to hearing more. Blessings and positive energy to you!

  • MissyMill, I know that a person's spirit can come into a house. My younger sister did after she passed. One interesting phenomena is what I call murrmurings (sp). Murmurs sound like a group of people talking. Some people hear music playing, etc. I've heard a voice outside my house calling my name when there's been a death nearby and sometimes it'll be a knock on the door. This usually happens to me around dawn. Murmurings, I believe, are spirits discussing danger or something that's taken place. It's usually a grave situation from my experience.

    The anchor can prob be interpreted as the J name. Nobody has an anchor tattoo--correct.

    I live in a house that two people died in previous to me buying it. The lady's son and husband. So, I asked her what should I look for as a sign of their presence. She said that her husband said before he passed that he would turn the lights on and off. So, yeah, my bedroom light does that. Her son has shown his presence but in a different way and only one time. I've seen orbs and I've had a contractor work here that said when he opened a door this enormous light came out and illuminated a room for awhile.

    I really can't give a conclusive answer regarding the light in your room. If it's spirit, I'd say it's prob the GF named Joseph. I'd have to channel an answer or maybe I already did!

  • Thank you for all this information. You have explained some things for me. I hear murmurings, but I didn't realize what it was. To me it feels like I am in room full of people and everyone talking and thoughts coming and going so fast my head spins and I can hardly think. It has been happening more frequently lately and usually in the afternoons or early evening. This is atime of day that I tend to have high anxiety and get emotional. Everything kind of hits me at once, and sometimes I have no idea why I am upset. I have heard music playing and like a choir singing in my head at times too. I have also heard my name called at times. I also experience malfunctions with electronics, and light bulbs frequently burning out. So, I know that spirits are always near, I just do not understand how to communicate with them. I have experienced other things similar to your experiences as well.

    I will have to ask about the anchor tattoo. I have to find a way to ask without freaking my bf out. He doesn't have the same understanding of spiritual phenomenon that I do. I guess what I am looking for in all of this, is my purpose with my bf. We are dealing with some things right now that can make or break us. I need to make some decisions, and I am having difficulty due to all the confusion. I guess I am in some way looking for am answer as far as his role in my future.

    I have truly appreciated you working through all this with me. If you can get anything else for me through channeling, I would really appreciate it.

    Blessings, love, and light to you!

  • MissyMill, I think your anxiety/stress level is high. Do things you enjoy and don't focus on what stresses you out. Work towards a good outcome. I will tell you that I don't trust a good outcome w/alcoholics. And a lot don't care about quitting. I don't predict the future. I did get stressed from your tarot reading. Well, there's a physical realm and a spiritual realm. Participating on this forum has helped me. Everyone is different in their understanding or their individual gifts. This forum has given me the opportunity to develop my gifts and help others, I feel. Don't worry about "interfering" w/others beliefs. In general, you can't go around worrying about what may or may not happen. You don't want a fear based relationship. If I've helped you believe in that alone. What I do is not outside of Yahweh and I call upon Yahweh before I channel or do a reading. Does your BF worry about freaking you out...

  • You are right, Daliolite. My anxiety is high, and it seems to be centered around the relationship when we are apart. When I am with him, I rarely feel the anxiety. It has been difficult for me to get back to doing things I enjoy, as I have lost the desire to do those things. Sometimes I think I am carrying his depression and anxiety with me. Yet it can also be my own depression. I believe I was sent into his life to help him with his alcoholism, although I know I cannot save him. He does have a desire to stop drinking, and he has made some changes, but his progress is slow. I am working on finishing my MS in clinical psychology, and I am aware of the ramifications of being with an alcoholic. I see it as a disease. If he had cancer, should I desert him because of the stress it puts in my life? I know I have the tools and experience to deal with it, and I know that I have a choice as to how far I let it effect me. The alcoholism is not really what I am stressed over. There is another issue that I am dealing with regarding his level of commitment and desire to mess around with other women, and I'm not sure how far i can take things. I feel I can either wait it out, or leave. Those are my choices. He says I am the best thing that has ever and probably will ever happen to him. He knows he can lose me over this, but he can't seem to flip that switch that makes his want to give up his primal urges to sow his outs. I guess I was trying to get answers without spelling it all out, but now you know the full story and source of my current dismay. I do not think this is a fear based relationship, as we are very open and honest about things. Your insight has been very helpful, and I appreciate all the work you have done.

    Yes, he does worry about freaking me out. He gets freaked out about things he does not understand. He also cannot handle his own emotions well, and does not know how to handle mine. However, I work very hard to handle my emotions myself and not make them another person's problem, as I am highly emotional. However, I think that sometimes I am feeling other.s emotions and internalize them as my own.

    Sending you positive energy to draw upon and releie the stress you feel from reading and helping me. Blessings!

  • MissyMill, I don't feel stress from helping you, I feel the stress you're experiencing from the Tarot reading I did for you. I'm not sure how much of your help he actually deserves or has earned. He may not be ready for a therapist (this is you.) He has to earn your respect. If you're seeking a cure, his decision and commitment is crucial and I feel he's a social drinker. Long story short--he may not be ready. Bottom line--listen to your gut, you can't go wrong. It's hard to meet the right one but know what you want and what's right for you.

  • Thank you for your response. I am glad that the stress is not affecting you negatively. You are right... he may not have earned or even deserve my help or my respect... but this is something I freely give to those I love, as well as others who spirit sends across my path. I try not to spproach him as a therapist, but as a friend. I know he would not be as accepting of the therapist approach. He is a social drinker, as he drinks more excessively when out with friends, but he also drinks alone. I know that I cannot provide a cure for him. I simply offer information when the opportunity presents itself, and support as he needs it. He has gone as far as seeing a psychiatrist and getting on medication, but is not ready for counseling yet. His drinking has decreased, but he still seems to think he can do it on his own.

    Thank you for the support. I have decided that I really need to put my focus back on myself, and move on with my life woth or without him. He has a choice, and so do I. All your work with me has been very enlightening. I am so grateful for you. If there is anything that I can do for you, please ask. It would be my pleasure to return the favor. I am always open to any other feedback or information. Blessings and love to you!


  • MissyMill, And if you need anything else I'll try and help...

  • Hi Daliolite, It appears that Spirit is still trying to communicate with me. This morning, my bf and I were still snoozing, and I was laying there half awake, and I heard a knock on the wall in his bedroom. It was an outside wall and sounded like it came from inside the room. It was just two knocks, one time. I have had this happen to me before in other places that I have lived. Later, while cooking breakfast, we were talking about the importance of a commitment before moving in together and where we are at. A shelf above the sink, that belonged to his ex, fell off the wall in to the sink. That got his attention! We then started a discussion about spiritual phenomenon, which he discounted and explained away everything as practically as he could. I tld him it was his father, but he said his ex hung that shelf...

    What are your thoughts on that? Oh ya, and an update on my Mom, the doctor thinks it may be an ovarian cyst instead of kidney infection. Interesting how spirit brought that out so randomly.

    I am also open to anyone else who has feedback.

  • MissyMill, lol that's kinda funny about the shelf. I'll get back w/you on the above-post.

  • MissyMill, I can really only relate my experiences w/phenomena like you're experiencing. It might be a good idea to go with what you feel. Because you're the one who relates to spiritual phenomena, the meaning and significance is for you. I don't know how many open discussions you and your BF have had regarding stuff like this. I wouldn't discount the fact that some of this stuff happens for his own belief. You seem to be open to receiving signs and messages. I think Spirit is trying to get someone's attention (you.) I'm going to put this out there for you. Has something happened (since you all have been together) in the house. This may be something you are unaware of.

    On a different note, I've been flooded w/symbols this morning. Someone's birthday or anniversary w/a child attached to it. This prob isn't for you but may be. Anyway, those are my thoughts. There's a psychic that is often on the Psychic Thread named BluMoon. Haven't seen her lately but she may get a feeling for what your experiencing, as well

  • Thanks for getting back to me. Your explanation makes sense. I cant think of any particular event that happened so not sure what you are asking. The lamp turning on happened at his deceased fathers home on the farm. The shelf and knock on the wall happened at his apartment in town.

    The only thing I can relate to the bday/anniversary is that we are coming up on a year 4/21 since we met. And you know I had the miscarriage, but am hoping for another chance to bear a child. Let me know what you think about that.

    I have communicated with BluMoon in the past. She is great. I will look for her on here. Thanks for that.

    Bless you! Have a fantastic day.

  • MissyMill, Keep an ear open for news about a passing at the apartments--the knock. I'm able to pick-up impressions from people's physical belongings. People can leave spirit in places (his ex.)Right now I'm picking-up a dog similar to a chiuaua (sp) can you relate to this. Go with your gut and be open to spirit.

  • I will keep my ears open. I am sure there is alot of energy from his ex left behind. He gets really depressed in that apartment, maybe that is why. He wants to move this year. The only dog I know of similar to a Chihuahua is a dog that my mother had that passes a few years ago.

    I had an interesting experience today. I had emailed a colleague regarding a client who is having surgery. When he saw me today, He asked me if I was ok and was very compassionate. Apparently he thought it was me having surgery. I found this to be odd, and perhaps significant in some way. I also had a client today tell me that seeing me calms her anxiety. She had come in to the office to get some paperwork, and said that as soon as she saw my face, she felt calm. What a great compliment! This just reinforced my own personal energy, and how it impacts others.

  • Thank you for the spelling of Chihuahua--I couldn't remember, just slipped my mind. Yeah, as I was typing the response I saw a dog similar to one on it's hind legs like begging for food. I know that you're in that occupation to help people. And you can. One of my own mistakes/problems in the past was in not being as selective as I should have been in partners. I was told once that you can be nice and help someone but you don't have to let them in. That's always stuck with me. I try to listen to people w/o my own filter on. Meaning I accept them for what and who they are, not so much what I think they can, will or should be. It's just a lot easier that way. I try to stay neutral. I guess you'd say I'm realistic not so much optimistic. I also enjoy my own time and keep myself busy. I also live in a rural area where It's hard to meet people, anyway. Best advice is to believe in yourself!

  • Thanks Daliolite! Do you know if it is possible to get email alerts when someone posts on your thread? That would be so helpful in getting back to everyone.

    I had another thought about the chihuahua.t (I looked up the spelling, by the way... lol!) a friend of my bf has a little tiny dog that is at least part chihuahua. She is a little brown thing. The one my Mom had was part Chihuahua, not sure what he was mixed with. He was white. Mom used to make him stand up and beg for food. Idk if the friends dog does anything like that. Yes, I am a social worker. I don't know if you'd call it selective, but I just do not easily connect with men, so it has always been difficult to even find a partner... then I get these noncommittal men, but I figure that is due to my own fear of commitment as well as my karma for some things that I did that I am not proud of regarding respect for others in a relationship, At any rate, I am dealing with it and working through it.

    I guess you could say that I try to remain open and unbiased as well in listening to others, and I have a choice in letting them in. I've given this alot of thought the last few days. I have alot of friends... but I keep them at arms length much of the time and am not always one to reach out to them. I guess I do not want to burden them with my issues, which is why I seek out help here, for unbiased feedback as well.

    Beleive in myself! That is something I am truly learning to do! Thansk you so much! Blessings!

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