Sun or moon sign, which is more influential?

  • Been wondering about this, as I usually read both horoscopes. I'm a Libra with an Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Ascendant. I strongly identify with both Libra and Aquarius equally. With Capricorn, I identify with the practicality of the sign, but it has never felt like a dominant force the way that the sun and moon signs do...

    Any thoughts?

  • Violeta its to the best of my knowledge ( which isnt saying much lol) is that your sun sign is how the world sees you. So you are seen by the outside world as a lovely libra and some of your personality traits may show this. Your moon sign is what people close to you can probably see as well. and its also the ruler of your emotions. Your rising sign is a little deeper under the surface very few may see these aspects of you but you feel it inside its just under the surface. Hope that helps. What a lovely combination air and earth. ( :

  • Flip it around 🙂 The ascendant or rising is our personal public face. It’s the persona or mask we present to others in a personal sense, it reflects ones’ physical appearance, physical stature and would be the first impression we leave on others. It is said that the Asc traits are what we are born with and as we mature we grow closer to becoming our sun. The midheaven (MC) is our most public face and it’s the image we project in regards to our career, reputation and social standing. The moon holds our emotions and is played out in our most intimate relationships.

    Hope this helps.

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