• Hi watergirl

    I have recently met up with someone who I had only met once before (through a friend) I saw him on Sunday and since then I can not get Gabriel off my mind. He's not the normal type of guy I would normally go for. Nothing happened just held hands but was nice.

    Just wanted to know what your initial feelings are on the matter?


    Kalli 18/09/1990 (Libra rising)

    Gabriel 06/02/1989

    Many thanks!!

  • Hi Kalli,

    Aquarians are very independent and do not like to feel smothered or trapped in any way. Soooo, if you are the type of person that needs constant attention or assurances in any way from your partner then this will be a difficult relationship for you. He will let you get close but then if you move to fast or take it too far, he will cut and run for a while before returning. That is just my 2 cents, not a reading. I am an Aquarian and the male Aquarians I have known have been worse than me 🙂

    Reading-wise, I get that you will need to be patient. Feels like you are anxious for communication from him. Try not to get yourself in a frenzy about it - just the energy of it will push him away. I do get that he likes you, but BALANCE is a strong message for you. It also feels like he is focused on work - either getting promoted or working on a project of some sort - so this will also leave him with less time for you than you would like. There is a past relationship he is still not completely mended from so this is yet another reason to go slow and be patient.

    In short, if you are not independent and able to focus on your own self and goals and just want him to fill you, then this relationship won't work. If you can be patient, go slow, and be a fulfilled person with or without him, then he will be very attracted to that.

    Good luck!

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