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  • Hi Captain

    I have recently met up with someone who I had only met once before (through a friend) I saw him on Sunday and since then I can not get Gabriel off my mind. He's not the normal type of guy I would normally go for. Nothing happened just held hands but was nice. Just wanted to know what you thought of this as a potential something in the future...


    Kalli 18/09/1990 (Libra rising)

    Gabriel 06/02/1989

    Many thanks and I hope you are well! Xx

  • This can appear to be one of those natural combinations, a match made in heaven. Yet it is hard to understand how two such fiercely independent individuals ever got together in the first place. It's not that you two are really any more independent than anyone else - it's just that your relationship can magnify this quality in abundance. Capable of either teaming up closely or else seeing each other rarely, adopting the same ideology or battling out opposing points of view, being on the same wavelength or strictly incommunicado, you two will not bind each other to strict rules or established patterns. This is the kind of relationship in which you might not see each other for years and then take up exactly where you left off, virtually in mid-sentence. Friendship or a love affair here will not be particularly oriented towards emotional expression. The emphasis will be more on wit, thought, intelligence, and speech than anything else. Not that emotion will be ruled out by any means, but it will be secondary to matters of the mind, although it can in fact be enhanced by them. Whether the relationship is about love or friendship also matters less than what and how it communicates. At first meeting, the two of you may have felt closer (or perhaps angrier and more upset with each other) than you have ever felt in your lives. Past life or karma is suggested by such a meeting which can also involve feelings of déjà vu. So this relationship will manifest as the two of you together wish it to exist, depending on what and how much you have to work through with each other from the past.

  • Many thanks captain however this is eerily similar to my partners nicks one you gave me, however nicks birthday is 05/02/85 ? Or are all aquarians the same??

  • They are in some ways, not in others, but they all have this particular effect with you. Basically you have a 'type', a guy who has a lot of 'distance' and independence which suggests you don't want to be in too close or confining a relationship.

  • Very interesting and accurate assumption about me. Thanks you for your time Captain x

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