Annoying Pop-up ads -Trending Videos

  • Is there anyone else out there that is extremely annoyed by all of the pop-up advertising and trending videos of I like to wake up in the morning, have my coffee, put on some music and go through all of my astrology websites. It's almost a ritual. I am at the point however that I am extremely frustrated by the trending videos that automatically starts when you are trying to concentrate and read a horoscope, etc.. I have my peaceful music on and then all of a sudden the trending video blares on. The all the pop-up adds. This is like playing a war zone video game, always bombarding these ads and trying to click them off before they start. It's not a peaceful, zen, metaphysical approach to starting my day and researching astrology aspect. It's quite the opposite, it is disruptive to a peaceful state of studying metaphysics. I have emailed them over and over with no results or reply. It is clear that is not really out to help us on a spiritual journey. They are trying to squeeze all the money they can out of you! It's disgraceful. I for one am about to boycott this website and only use the ones that are here to help and not steel your money. It's so hoaky and cheesy that I don't understand astrologers like Rick Levin even wanting to be a part of it. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? I am sure it is not just me.

  • It is not just you Antares1111. I have visited sporadically for years, and typically keep a coin balance for occasional use. After an extensive hiatus from the site, I signed in today, only to be bombarded by unrelated and related annoyingly loud videos. It is disappointing.

    In response, instead of purchasing more coins and services from, I will deplete my balance and avoid the site going forward.

    I certainly understand the objective to monetize the product and its users, but can't imagine why anyone would choose noisy interruptive videos on a purported "guidance and insight" site. It seems to me that there are other ways.

    I just didn't want you to think that you were alone in your assessment!

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