Would love some insight on a 3 card romantic reading

  • I have been reading for over a decade, but started to do so in a more focused manner a couple of years ago. I feel as if I am intuitive, insightful, realistic, and have a great connection to my cards. Reading for friends and family members always garners positive feedback. When reading for myself most of the time I feel as if it's pretty accurate as well. But sometimes I'm unsure of what to take away from it in the most realistic sense and not influencing the interpretation with my own wants and needs. If someone would please give me a little assistance with this 3 card spread of my own design, I would really appreciate it ❤ ...

    I titled it Communication.

    The 1st card was Will I hear from them again? Card = 10 of cups upright

    *It denoted positive, so I pulled the next

    2nd was Will it be before their birthday (which is this upcoming Sat.)? Card = 8 of cups upright

    3rd was What is the most important thing they want me to know/want to talk about with me?

    Card = Judgement reversed

    Thank you!

  • I can do a reading for you and comment on yours.

  • OMHS, Got couple of same cards as you. Something is considered a great price, high ideas or something of great value. Could even be some award-- The star in the star card in environment position, 5 of coins (Coins framed, in advice), and coin raised in page of pents. I get different feelings when looking over these cards, different interpretations. Whatever was about to explode in this relationship, never really did. I feel what's most important for your partner, friend, or love is some advancement or perhaps career. Queen of swords is reversed in foundation. I just get a feeling that someone is not advancing, as they should. Perhaps they can't advance as you'd like. Communication is blocked--king of swords in blocks. I feel like this person has stepped-out of this relationship to try something on their own. I feel they are a little different than "the group." I also get that someone is contemplative or not with it for lack of a better word. Some type of relationship outside of this one coming from the past position. I'm also getting a call from someone that this person received. Page of pents crowning has me a little puzzled. At times, I feel as though you may be banking on this person, at times I feel like he's trying to materialize his dreams. I feel as though you may take him back or have before...Let me know.


    present--lovers rev

    crowning--page of pents

    foundation--queen of swords rev

    situation--5 of wands


    challenges--10 of cups rev

    future--7 of wands rev

    blocks--king of swords

    environ/friends--star rev

    advice--5 of coins

    outcome--judgement--What you're wondering...will things come-out, work-out and come to terms. Could be a rough ride.

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