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  • hello all,

    i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me interpret this reading i did for my career situation at the moment. to give you a bit of info: i recently quit a creative passion job because i wasn't making enough money to make ends meet. after searching for a job for a few months i found one with reasonable benefits and an above average salary. it's in a field i quit before i started working on my creative job and has been disappointed in previously. so i knew what i was going in for and didn't have many expectations aside from financial security. however my new workplace is a bit of a nightmare. i've only been working there a month but i've already witnessed fights, meltdowns, and general nastiness between my co-workers. i feel like i'm walking on eggshells around everyone and i'm trying my best not to get involved in any of the drama. i'm very uneasy in the office and the work i'm doing is by no means making me happy. i know i should be grateful to have a job to begin with but i also feel like it might be better for me to try my chances someplace else, i deserve to work in a peaceful environment. anyway, with all this in my mind, i asked the cards for some guidance. i picked 10 cards for a celtic cross spread. here are the cards in order:

    heart of the matter: the empress

    crossing: queen of cups

    foundation: queen of swords

    crowning: strength

    recent past: queen of pentacles

    immediate future: knight of wands

    the querent: seven of pentacles

    environment: five of wands

    hope: two of wands

    outcome: seven of cups

    i'm very very indecisive about what to do, whether to stick it out at this job, and bear the stress or just leave and look for something else. so i'd be very grateful if you can share your insights on this. thanks a lot in advance!

  • I can do a reading for you. A lot of personalities in your reading.

  • Avor, A lot of personalities in my reading, as well. A lot of male energy, personalities instead of female. I can't help but feel that your family plays into this. Especially, in the present part of the reading. I'm feeling like you need to save money. I also feel like you're more inclined to start your own business than work for others. I also feel like you may have moved in w/parents after being away. If not, you may need help from family to get started again. A feeling of breaking away--3 of wands foundation, 2 of coins advice. You're not putting your foot forward, you're not taking the necessary steps. If you look at the king of swords, king of cups and 2 of coins only one foot is forward. This stands-out to me as a message to you. Do you have a relative or someone that you're considering moving to at a different location. A need to be practical to advance. You have a job, keep until you are able to move on, if possible. I want to say that the sun is still shining on your dreams, ambitions--the sun is out w/knight of pents rev, 3 of wands and king of pents rev. I don't read reversed meanings, although I did pull a lot for you. Someone in the past unable to come-thru for you. Were you working for or with a friend. There is a lack of order or the need for order for fulfillment. Seems you were close to fulfillment. Stepping out of comfort zone. As far as order and unity in present job, forget it. Money is tight in environment which can include your family's. Cost of living may be high. Some of the card combinations are good for change, if you're considering something new. You may be getting a lot of advice right now--roll with the flow for awhile. Keep plans alive. Generally, feel like you're not in right field for yourself.


    present--ace of cups rev

    crowning--the hierophant rev

    foundation--3 of wands

    situation--king of swords rev

    past--knight of pents rev


    future--king of pents rev

    blocks--king of cups

    environment/friends--4 of coins

    advice--2 of coins

    outcome--3 of cups rev--don't see things improving until environment changes to fit your needs

  • hello Daliolite!

    sorry for responding so late. thank you for your reading, you're too kind.

    i'm surrounded by a lot of strong personalities at work so it's more than fitting to get those cards. i'm surrounded by women though so i don't get the male energy part. maybe you got those cards because they are also a bit aggressive?

    money is tight both for me and the family so you're right on that part too. i live with my folks and have done so all my life so i wasn't away. if i ever decide to quit this job to pursue any sort of dream yes i would need their help but they aren't well off by any means and are only getting by so they wouldn't be able to help me much. hence needing to save up money and be practical. i was working for a friend yes. and i was massively disappointed by that work and it damaged our friendship.

    i want to change my job and find something that will make me happier but i have no idea how to do that. i'm not connected or experienced enough to look for a job in another field and i'm well aware that this working environment is not going to change or make me happy by any means. this past week has been more peaceful for me at work so i had a chance to look at things more positively. i think i'm going to stick it out at this job as long as i can while looking for something else at the same time.

    also, you were right about my being more inclined to start my own business than work for others. i did it for a couple years and freelanced but i didn't make enough much from it and it didn't make any sense to keep trying at it. i still get the odd freelance jobs in that field now and then but i don't think it would be wise to rely on solely on that.

    thanks again!

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