Cancer man and Gemini girl......So what do I do now?

  • Well here is my story.....

    So I was living in Berlin and I managed an apartment building for adult students coming in to the country to take a month long enrichment course to get a job in the country. I was all set to leave Europe after having been there for over a year at that point and go to live in Asia. Three weeks before I left the new class came in and one of the students was my Cancer man. Beautiful man inside and out. We became fast friends and spent nights up talking and days taking walks though the city, when he was not in class. We were literally together everyday from the day he moved in until the day I left.

    Now of course I thought once I boarded the plane this little relationship was over and done. We did not have sex or express any feelings for each other during that time. We were just....together. Well off I went to Asia, and you know what....Nothing changed except for the distance. We talked and skyped everyday after I left and I do mean everyday. I was living in a hostel for a few months once I got to Asia and there was a point when the other flat mates where calling him the 7th person in our 6 persons room. Six months after I left Europe he did too and returned back to America.

    Now that was a little over a year ago.....And nothing has changed we still talk twice a day because we are and even 12 hours away so we talk in his morning and my night and my morning and his night Everyday. Let me just say that our currently running facebook message thread was at 55,000 messages as of today. We have shared everything with each other, our joys and sadness, every event that has happened in our lives over the past year has been shared from the tiniest of things like helping each other pick out dinner or the new watch or phone he just bought or just him leveling up on a video game to big things like our dreams and hopes. We have helped each other find jobs and given each other advice. We default to each other just naturally.

    Now I am heading home and he is meeting me there and then we will be doing a bit of traveling around the US before we head home. I am to go to his home and stay with him and meet his family, up on his invitation. We have plans for the future and idea of what we want to do together. So what is the Problem you ask.....I told him that I had feeling for him and that maybe we should consider giving it a try when we reconnect. He said he does not see me that way and that I am his best "friend" and he will do anything to keep me in his life and he does not know what to do without me but he does not feel romantically inclined towards me. We will reconnect in two months........ So what do I do now?













    Sun - Cancer

    Moon - Aries

    Mercury- Cancer



    Jupiter - Cancer

    Saturn- Leo




  • What are the two dates of birth?

  • Also, could he be gay?

  • **** = gay*

  • The captain, leave it up to you to always ask just the right question and get to the bottom of things :). Xx

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