Just wondering how mood effects reading outcome

  • I'm new at Tarot readings & trying to perform my own readings. I'm wondering if the mood of the subject of the reading -myself or someone else changes the outcome of the reading. For instance, if its a day or time when the subject is particularly upset/concerned by a situation & a reading is done to shed insight into that situation, will the outcome be different than if done at a time when the subject is less effected or perhaps more optimistic about the subject? What are your experiences or thoughts?

  • amused I have always wondered about this myself. My guess would be yes because isnt tarot reading based on our energies? Nice you deep thinker you. ( :

  • Lovinmylife, I agree that tarot readings are based on our energies but find it fascinating that it can tap into someone's energy that is unaware the reading is taking place ie current or past lovers we are searching for or trying to seek greater understanding about our relationships.

  • Yeeeessss! Don't ever pick up your cards when your really upset, cause you can pretty much toss every reading you do out the window. Your mind is much stronger then you think. You can and will affect the outcome of your reading if you're really upset.

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