Anyone please

  • Hi everyone

    I need guidance and light over this matter.

    So my story is this: I finally got the job I love and been waiting for 15 years, its finally mine.

    But... yes theres a but; things also change for others too and I ended with someone as a boss that I don't trust, the impression that I have is that she pretends to be nice and underneath shes a complete b*ch.

    What makes me think this is that she asked everybody to place this girl working with me that im gonna be her direct boss without even asking me or telling me and shes all smiles with me but stabbing me in back at the same time.

    Yesterday I was called to her office to get a ear pull, yes I did sounded demanding, I apologized for that but what did they expected; I just had found out about the girl,was frustrated, stressed and needed her yes on a thing. The guy that protects her started being nasty with me of course I replied on the same tone, which I shouldn't have but I did and I don't regret it coz I didn't mistreat anyone but this was his way of saying shes your boss and showing her how she needs to handle me.

    My question is: what should I do? I do love this job but Im so frustrated that I started applying for other jobs that I don't want but at the same time if this girl S. comes work with me she gonna rat on me to her (boss) and act like she can do anything in her because the boss has her back.

    Maybe Im just escalating things but I don't want this girl working with me it wont be good.


  • Nothing is perfect, Maria, even a job you waited 15 years for. No job or situation can ever be without its challenges - otherwise we humans would never make any progress. You can either adapt and play the game - since you know what is going on, you can be careful around this girl - or leave. But you are not going to find perfect happiness anywhere - you have to work for it. Your real challenge is controlling yourself around other people, and not sinking down to their level. You cannot change anything from the outside - learn how to work smarter and better.

  • Thanks Cap. I already accept it. I don't like it but...

    I just wasn't ready for all of this and until everything settles the stress has been huge in this place lots of changes due the personnel reduction.

    She wont beat me and affect me.

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