Can you tell if he is with someone else?

  • I am a Pisces in love with a Leo since 2010. This relationship or whatever it is has been on and off. Longest its been off was 2 years. He contacted me out of the blue and we started up again. It turned into talking once a month. Really him ignoring me long times to answer once a month. I told him if things didnt change I was ending it before the new year. He yelled at me and told me not to call him again right before Thanksgiving and as I was talking hung up the phone. He has not answered me since. I kept calling and calling and he blocked my number. Then unblocked it and I started calling again and leaving voice mails. He blocked me again. He has me blocked on FB and all other media. He is 10 years older then me. Can I get a reading on him and myself? And on what he is doing himself? His feelings towards me? A possible better future?

  • I need both your date of birth and his.

  • I'm being told that this is a lesson you have already learned and there's no need to repeat it.

    Why would you want to keep chasing after someone who hung up on you and doesn't respect you or your needs in a relationship? He's blocked you from contact. Heed the message and go find another door to knock on. One that will swing open for you not slam in your face.

  • March 8th

    August 17

    Its not easy for me to just walk away. i Really love him.

  • Can you tell me if falling off the radar will attract him back??

  • This relationship only works when each partner has independence from the other one. It's not that you aren't close - it's just that the relationship is at its most healthy when both of you have enough breathing space and don't feel crowded. ZenyaStorm, though you are an introverted, private person and a loner at heart, your extroverted side is activated by this relationship and you like that. You like what your partner brings out in you, maybe more than you actually like him for himself. You are sensitive to his needs which he appreciates, although it doesn't mean you will also be able to satisfy him. He can prove too intense and demanding of you, especially in the bedroom, while you prefer to keep things light. However, since you are obviously deeply involved emotionally here, you will have trouble letting go of your powerful partner and, if it goes on for too long, you will manifest a sex-and-love addiction. The problem here is that your partner can give a great deal of intensity to a love affair without being really involved on a deep emotional level. I also feel that he is seeing another women, in fact several other women who, like you, he returns to when he feels like it. For your own good, you need to wean yourself away from this abusive Romeo as he is quite happy with the attention of many partners and is not likely to give that 'harem' up for monogamy with anyone. He has a loyal following of devoted fans. If you leave him alone, he will simply find someone else to fill the 'gap'. This guy also has a bad temper and an aggressive nature, and he can fly into terrible rages that you couldn't cope with, so don't push him. This is not love - it is addiction. You deserve much better for yourself. I would compare this relationship to the analogy of a child lighting matches - you have no idea how harmful, even destructive, it can be for you.

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