Will we overcome this, help pls

  • I have been in this wonderful respectful loving relationship for 2 years now

    Me: Apr 1, 1982

    Him: Apr 28, 1987

    Yes, he is 5 years younger, and super mature for his age.

    He is the one who fought for this relationship from day one. I was following his lead.

    3 weeks into relationship we moved in together and he turned into the best step-dad for my 9 year old girl. We were always together 24/7 for 2 years. He was daily telling me that he want and will spend the rest of his life with me. I wanted it too!!

    Our sex life on the other hand was very plain, rear and boring..

    I was always stressed out for that just one matter that we couldn't figure out ourselves.

    2 days ago we had regular argument about that, he said sooner or later it will end.

    He said we should split now as is best.

    He left.. He is arranging to get his things picked up this week from my house.

    I am in shock. I need a ground to overcome this pls. I need help pls ..

  • HI Vic013, you have not mentioned what you need help with? What would you like to happen now? I think if you know what you want then you can calmly approach that. Go with your heart.

  • I love him, I want to be with him. I think he is hurt as much as I am,he is confused.

    I want to know if we will make thrue our sex dileama and make it work for me, him and my daughter. Thank you!

  • I am not a reader but I think when there is love and the willingness to stay together there is nothing that cannot be worked out. Maybe a certain amount of compromise and willingness to give and take will help the relationship. On another note, have you seeked professional advice for what seems to be missing and ways of working things out without hurting his feelings or your feelings. What if you tell him, come back I love you and want to be with you.

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