Lost wedding band

  • I am at a loss. I lost my wedding band sometime Friday or Saturday. Today is Tuesday. I noticed it was gone/missing when I went to put it on for church Sunday and it was not there. My engagement ring was and "mother's ring" but not engagement. I have been racking my brain and on my hands and knees, going through garbage, praying to Saint Anthony and still nothing. I even asked my child's daycare and called the grocery store I was at on Friday. I have searched my house and my mothers house because I was there both days. I am not sure what day it was that it went missing. I have cried and cried. I also contacting my jeweler and they no longer make this ring unless I want them to custom make it. Please help me. 11 years of marriage and I feel alone and helpless. This ring is so symbolic to me as I am sure you would agree.

  • Do you have a photo of the wedding band you could post here?

  • I've been trying to upload photos but I cannot

  • I am not sure if you can see the band or not in these picture. They are baguette cut diamonds.

  • Hello, I want you to think about where you last put your rings on at, in the bathroom? or the kitchen? I feel those areas are ones to look at and into. You may have placed them in a drawer just absent mindedly


  • Cboyer, your photos may be too big for this forum. They must be under 400 pixels wide by 800 pixels height and 300 KB or less.

    Can you shrink them down or post a link to them if you can store them someplace else (like Photobucket)?

  • Just an impression I got without seeing the photo - can you think of a time recently when you had soap or oil or some sort of greasy substance on your hands because I feel the ring may have slipped off your finger then.

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