Would love a reading

  • I would appreciate a reading in regards to my life in general. How wedding planning will go for us, movingbuying a house, my workcareer, my relationship with my fiance, and the relationship between my fiance and family. Thank you in advance

  • vettech78

    I see you as a beautiful bride and your dress looks to have some pink in it in some way. Someone will be unable to attend due to illness and flowers will be delivered late, just small things that will not really become problems.

    The house will be in question as to the first one you look at, something about windows and flooring. The second house will be more to your likening as I am seeing a lot of greenery and perhaps a garden space to your likening. I feel the color blue here and a room in this house may be painted blue when you see it.

    Your new husband will adore you and you will fall deeply in love with each other even more when married. I feel this will be a long marriage and the your family will warm up to him like a wood stove as soon as they get to know him on deeper levels.

    I see the color green in the work areas for you both and this feels medical work in some way. Stable is the word I receive.

    I wish you both the best,

    Mist of Emerald

  • Thank you for your reading. Iv been stressed lately. My mom and sister really hate my fiance now, and my mom said she wouldn't be at wedding. We have been engaged for 3 yrs now, we have a barn we put deposit on for wedding but stressed on how we will come up with the money in time. Meanwhile, we are trying to save and get his credit score high enough to buy a house. Right now we live in tiny apartment in the city where landlord doesn't fix anything. We are miserable living here. We want to be in the country. I'm a home health aide now, but I did graduate from veterinary technician school last year. But I need to take state boards still. Everything is so crazy right now. And I'm not sure how its all going to pan out or what I can do to help things along

  • vettech78

    It is understandable that you are stressed with all of these major life changes you want to make. Just make them slowly and will thought out. Your sister and Mom are not marring your fiancé , you are. People change their minds through positive thinking and acceptance. They have the right to not like him for whatever reasons, yet you have been with him three years and know your own heart in the matter. It really does not matter where you get married or how much money is spent, some get married my the JOTPeace and have very long happy marriages.

    Surround yourself and the apartment in the loving white light of God and see how things can change , treat your landlord with common politeness and I feel that he will turn around and loosen his wallet and do needed repairs for you.

    Keep a positive mind set and this will help you handle anything that is sent your way. Yoga and meditation works wonders for peace of mind.


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