Charmed Asks For Insights

  • Hi and thanks for reading this even if you cannot help.

    After a bad breakup, bad lies and hurtful jokes am I asking myself a few hard things.

    1. Why cant I be loved by a man the way I deserve?

    2. Do I love to strongly, too deeply too much?

    3. Am I easy pray for narcissists?

    4. Are there at all a decent man out there who will love me as I deserve?

    5. Am I to settle into single dried up old maid hood?

    6. Ought I demand answers from the swine?

    7 And any other thing guides spirits want me to know at this time

    thank you

    fyi march 10 1972 11.20 PM UTC + 1 hour Copenhagen time

  • Ok

  • CharmedWB, There is something he did that he regrets, is holding onto or is thinking about. You are wanting answers. I feel that the answer w/him lies in PATH. Can you relate to too old or doesn't want to start over. So, is moving on. You look at relationships w/a childlike perspective. Perhaps you were too childlike, believing. He did joke alot and came across as offering more than what he actually did. Things turned one-sided (his side.) Really, you can't go through relationships and not have an opinion. So, you reversed things. Planting, nurturing and growing. He wanted what was his--period. I get a feeling that he didn't come thru on something and reversed path. Although he presented himself one way, it's not your fault. I want to say that you learned how to avoid, or be more sceptical but didn't use this 6th sense as much. I believe things were said and you all parted. Spirit is saying to plant those seeds and be productive because all is not lost although you think so--8 of wands advice, 5 of cups challenges. 6 of cups in situation is affirming your childlike innocence Someone lives by water, I feel it's him. I also feel that he has some health issue that you may or may not know of. Spring is around the corner. This will end by winter, this relationship has a seasonal feel to it like winter. Spirit wants you to be productive, increase which you are very capable of. Remember lessons w/4 of cups. Also, as a psychic, something your grandmom gave you is being brought forth--


    crowning--king of wands


    challenges--5 of cups

    situation--6 of cups

    past--8 of swords

    future--7 of coins



    advice--8 of wands

    outcome--8 of cups

    foundation--5 of swords

    Feels like he was a coward.

  • HI Daliolite and thank you,

    You nailed it exactly. Round one it was a childlike thing on both sides and he offered much more than what was delivered. 2nd round I did forget 6th sense a tad. I got caught up in helping him against his soon to be ex.

    His illness makes him think im too old now to start over so you pegged that as well.

    You mentioned all is not lost even though I think it is. Can I get that elaborate please?

    Thank you Daliolite so much

  • CharmedWB,

    I really feel like you tempered, put-up with, tolerated for too long. He's not on the right path so, of course, he's thinking about it.

    Whichever way you embark, you'll grow. If you look at things thru that lens. You know, children see the innocence and lose the fear that adults have grown to know. This relationship has called back the adult fear. Growth potential for you. It's like full-steam ahead and hang onto your dreams.

  • thank you sweetie

  • Welcome.

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