I suppose this Gemini man is gone for good.

  • First off, I'm a virgo.

    I was seeing a gemini man for almost three months. This gem has a lot of earth in him, so he was definitely fairly grounded. He was very sincere, which is what attracted me to him in the first place. He chased after me at first, but I was stll trying to get over someone, so I wasn't as responsive. But after a couple of weeks, I gave him a shot. We always had great conversation and he loved that about us. During the first month or so, the gem disappeared for about a week; I couldn't understand why, so I went back into my shell until I finally decided to text him and ask where "he was hiding." He didn't text me the entire day, but the next day he told me he had been hiding in his books. This gem is always studying and focused on his school work, btw. So things are going smoothly up until two weeks ago. I had invited the gem to come with me and a few friends to an improv comedy show. I had told the gem about it before and he said he was down to go. So, the day before the show, I texted him asking if he still wanted to go, just to be sure. I didn't get a text that entire day. But he texted me the very next morning and she he most definitely wanted to go and had put his truck in the shop. We spoke a little and I asked how his class was going; he told me he was hanging in there. I offered my support and left it there. So the day of the show, I texted him to ask about his truck, but I didn't get a response. About and hour before the show, I texted him one last time, telling him if he still wanted to go he could, and I gave hm an address. He got right back to me and told me he had just gotten off work, so I told him not to worry about coming if he could, but the invitation was still there. That was the last time I heard from my gem. I know he gets busy with work and school, but he seemed a little more distant. The other day, which was about a week after we last spoke, I casually sent him a text just asking how he was doing, just to see if he ws still out there. No response. I have been told that when gems ignore your texts/calls or don't get back to you, then they have lost interest. If he did lose interest, I'm sure it had to do with other obligations distracting him and not me personally. I've decided not to contact hm at all. I still kind of feel like he hasn't disappeared for good, but it's always a big possibility. I care about this gem a lot and respect him immensely (which says a lot).

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