Charmed Ask For Yor Help and Insigths

  • Hi and thank you for even reading this. Even if you cannot reply thank you!

    I wish to see if any can help figuring this putz out here, cancarian male

    born June 25 1941 around 3.15 AM ro approximental to it.

    A. Is he a player, casanova, charmer? as in cant help his own face?

    B. Is he a lover of mind games? as in love to make people go through HELL after HELL even when they ALREADY lie there and IS in hell LITTERARY?

    C. Or is it a self denial covered by fed getting out of hellfire replies? Hoping few i dodged that one. Short said LIES?

    I myself am a very truthful piscean woman march 10 1972 11.20 om born.

    Thanks for any and all replies.


  • Hi Charmed,

    The first thing I heard was "Waiting in Vain." Then the song of the same name started to play in my head (by Annie Lennox). The first line of the song is "I don't want to wait in vain for your love..."

    What came next was a strong sense of your frustration, but with the message that you need to give up your need to control. You keep waiting for him to change and/or to make the choices that you think he should make. He's not going to change. He made a choice you did not like, but it was his choice and he is sticking with it. You need to accept this. And then you need to move forward. You've waited in vain long enough.

  • Charmed,

    What kind of fish have you landed this time. Remember when you bring a painting home you can't just at the parts you get the frame and all.

    Lets see what you are feeling

    Imposter, he will be found out

    But he can be passionate and does things for you

    You are not going to listen to good advise, because it is not what you want to hear

    Things socially are up in the air which has your feathers ruffled

    Something that was unfair that has you sad

    By your strength you will make things right...hard work involved

    You will find happiness. ...A friend

    Don't wallow in you, step back and look where you fit, don't make it all about you

    Be kind and graceful, use your wits and thoughts to help and share with others...give of yourself

    You are relying on others, but you need to put your will in it or otherwise it doesn't work the way you want

    You are going to get yesed, and its want you want to hear so you will go with it... I don't get a happy feeling from work hard and look at the details otherwise you get what you get...

    Hope that helps


  • Thank you Watergirl. It fits to a T i think. I feel he aint fully true to himself.

    Choise yes i wont sit n wait again. I think i am pretty done here with this dude.

    TarotNick i actually posted this to get a big helping of crow and reality so to speak.

    Is jusst I cannot see fully where the hell I went wrong. I reckon for now i am better off alone. Thank you

  • I like to tease so any time you leave the door that open, I'll make sure to close it....hahahaha

    I think there was a second message in that reading, I am not sure it was just related to the guy; you would know better; relying on others and not using your will to get things done, look for the best and do your best and you will be fine.


  • You said he does things for me? what? other than reply at will and let me in only to slam the door in me face?

  • I meant it as the attraction, something pulled you in.

    Figure what that was and take something good of something that isn't so you can recognize your needs in your next experience.

  • true. he made me laugh and not take stuff too serious nor worry so much enhanced my way of life if one can say that. still no explaining why to kick in face twice within 2 weeks.

    so for now am i distancing myself from all that has had to do with his sorry bum

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