Read for the new year 2016 and what's coming up….

  • Thank you to anyone who can give me a 2016 reading. DOB 9-23-65, spouse 4.20.66.

    Happy New Year!


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  • J3nnygr,

    Here is a pick up of your feelings, so help you see whats in front of you now...

    There is change and's disrupting things

    Don't just do something to say you did it, you need to put thought and reason to what you do

    all this is leaving you impatient, like you don't see all the hard work you put in

    there are a bunch of obstacles that you have to get will...but you need to put the hard work in to do it

    something new is going to open up

    you are going to put your energy into it and make something happen

    but beware you are going to hit a wall something that blocks you...feel sadness...

    the setback will hurt but that's when you will need courage to move on and be strong

    new conditions will require courage and new things will start to open up

    a good guy helps out...a feeling of honesty and strength

    remember it is ok to feel good about yourself and even enjoy solitary time just for will need to build up your inner peace

    sorry not a fun have somethings in front of you but work hard and you will get through it.

    Hope that helps


  • Thank,you so much Nick! Yes life's been rough lately. I am losing one of my fur babies any day now. Everyhing else is stagnant. Not even sure how to get going in any direction. I get the hard work stuff but it's at the point now that I have to take a step forward sure what direction to go. I know where I want to end up but it seems so far out of reach at this point. And it's not the same place for my husband wants to end up. Right now I am taking it one day at a time.

    Hopefully something good will happen soon.

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