First time user :) Hello!!

  • Hello, im just new here and was wondering if anyone would offer a reading or do I need to post a reading and interpret first?

  • Hello Cate80

    Welcome to the forum! You don’t have to do anything to get a reading here... I am happy to share one for you... 10 cards, celtic cross, just sorta looking at general patterns and see what they suggest...

    1-question or situation: Ace Swords - beginning thoughts or talk about something, more logical

    2-crossing: Temperance - blending in, merging

    So there is some general beginning of a thought process here, or communication effort you are making, and that is also trying to …blend... with something else. Would tend to keep trying to moderate that thought process.

    3-above, where your conscious mind is at more, Ace of Pentacles. So you could be thinking more lately about beginning something new physically, I want to begin this new physical project!... your mind is mostly on trying to begin new things lately.

    4-below, below the surface, where your heart is, maybe unconscious, the Two of Swords. You are really after playful communication patterns. Dialogue, communication, that shares feelings, is what you seem deep down to want.

    5-recent, Hierophant, social parent theme. This is a general mixing it up with others, could be anything but somehow was significant for you, this social setting, your reality was being formed a lot based on what someone else(s) were expressing around you recently.

    6-ahead, Ten of Wands. So you must be transitioning in some new general way in your life direction, style, hope... that is going to try to transition you into playful communication patterns... remembering the social history, you will be playing off that most likely, Looking for a new direction that allows you to have more fun feelings in your dialogue with others it seems.

    10-The outcome card is a resulting secure feeling (four of cups). So I think in general you are heading toward something very nice in your communication patterns with others that will result in some very nice, secure feelings for you.

    7-self, attitude, 8 of pentacles - this would be like the bias you bring to life, movement in pentacles, earth reality results... so you are looking or expecting to see motion in physical results. You could be overlooking how nice it is when nothing is changing though, so probably a good idea to always take time out for yourself just to meditate, reflect, enjoy little moments where nothing that much is going on (we live in such a busy busy world, it can often feel like if nothing is really “happening” we are missing out, not really alive, but that is not the case at all, stillness is nice,)

    8-house, environment, eight of cups. So your environment seems to be very active emotionally for some reason. could be trying to sweep you up into very active feeling, dramatic patterns... hmm...

    9-Hope, your hope is Strength which is sort of like “yay! everything is perfect and complete, I have arrived!” so you are hoping for completions in life, this is more the way your conscious mind is trying to understand your unconscious side (the 2 of swords).. so you are hoping to be in a place of perfect completions... really you are simply hoping for playful communication patterns, you are equating that with being in a “perfect” place in life.... so you could be saying something like, “oh... if i could only find that playful and fun and happy and innocent childlike communication pattern with others, all would be perfect!”

    and then we touched on the result, where matters are headed ultimately is toward secure feelings, So your communication in playful ways with others is taking you toward being more secure in your own emotional life, which would be good for you = being happy when you are sad, and sad when you are happy, being at peace with life no matter what is happening or not... your feelings are very dependable here. So in general I would expect you to be communicating with others more, in some experimenting sort of way.... with all of that experience strengthening your emotional life... stable and secure feelings...

    since you are heading into a transition of wands, that could feel a little unsettled at times... it is okay though, everything is proceeding just as it should for you...

    there you go! hope it was interesting for you Cate80, welcome again, best wishes.

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