Sag sun, Aries rising, Scorp moon + Aqu sun, Capr rising, Cancer moon = ?

  • So my ex boyfriend and I are still really close friends, and I want to give us another shot one day in the future, and I'm more than sure he wants to as well. We were madly in love, but problems arose and we broke up. I just don't know if we're even that compatible. We get along really well, naturallly since Aquarius and Sagg are great friendship signs, and the sexual chemistry was great, but there are things about us that just don't go. He doesn't understand my need for adventure and he hates how impulsive I can be. And I really don't like earth signs at all. And we both have water based moons. I just don't know. Should I stop trying to figure this all out and ignore that I think we might not be compatible, or just go with it and risk both of us getting hurt again? Does anyone even think we are compatible? Haha I feel really dumb for asking this.

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