Could I have a synastry description?

  • Hello everyone.

    I am almost 26 y o woman who does not have very big experience with men/boys. I have already been in one 6 month relationship. Then I had weird and sad situations with boys that I have fallen into. And they didnt exchange my emotions.


    ive known some guy for a long time - 2 year or so. We've been friends. Since february 2015 he started being interested in me. But i was busy with school , stuff. I knew he liked me, started flirting via snapchat, and social media, at parties. He wanted to help me with some stuff, was eager to listen to me and etc

    Then after one party we slept with each other in july. And things were awesome.

    Next day he invited me over to meet up with his friends as he was behaving like my boyfriend . He was caring, loving and behaving totally different like before. He was close to me and was 'real'.

    Even his friends later told me he was behaving weirdly, none of them saw him like this before.

    And actually after this situation he didnt contact me at all. Days were passing by and I decided to text him about the meeting. He agreed but we didnt meet at all.

    He didnt contact me I was paranoied. I was meeting him up at the city centre with friends several times after that. All the time he was pretending to ignore me, he didnt look into my eyes when talking and so one.

    Then there were 3 weeks of silence, at one party he again looked at me, danced with the others and approached to me only when i was standing alone.

    Invited me over to his place and ran away but I didnt come.

    Next days it was silence again. I went for my holidays with friends, I know he was working on his business.

    Everytime we met he was slightly ignoring me. In a company one could not see that but whenever I saw his sight he was looking left, right not into my eyes.

    He invited over his bday- he didnt thank me for a present that i was giving to him with friends. I was the only one he didnt thank for the present. Flirted with other girls, didnt look into my eyes, being aggresive, negating/denying everything I said in a company.


    When I texted him asking wtf he answered he didnt know what I was talking about. And for my question : if its ok, so talk to me and normally write to me like it used to be- he didnt reply back.

    We slept together on 10.07-11.07 and he invited me over 12.07. Then there were ups and downs, hot and cold times. Very sinusoidal.....

    since that i havent spoken, seen him.

    He also travelled to brazil for a job. And he spent there about 3 months with other work people. He came back before Christmas. And it was me who wrote to him first. And we also met at the New Years Eve and he was observing me again, approaching and so one. I asked him if it was ok betwen us. He said : i guess so ' and dissapeared from the party.

    Later that week we also met up during the weekend. He was behaving like I would be his 'pal', homie. And like he friendzoned me.

    It has been already 7 months and he was not eager to talk to me.

    I will add that he probably has changed for a bit more independent after he came back home. Is more mature - I guess so.

    What was bothering me as well was thet there is a friend of mine and his. A girl who, before, was a bit jealous, or weird and she was behaving weirdly when he was dancing with me and so one. She claims being his best friend but he names her a PAL, MATE.

    Before our intimate encounter it has been several times that she was too curious about him and me, she was even blocking him when he wanted to give me a hug or she was taking his hand when he wanted to dance with me.

    And when we did that she was calling him and writing to him all the time. And she was too curious about me and him, asking me all the time.

    When we were supposed to meet up she took him to the other city to party and then after that he didnt contact me at all . so i am confused if he had changed his mind so quickly or she told him sth about me.

    i am asking a question: what happened that one day he behaves like i was his gf and then he ran away, pulls away?

    Was he scared that I would want a real relationship?


    I was born 21.03.1990 in Lodz, Poland at 12:10 pm

    He was born 10.09.1989 in Lodz, Poland 11:57 pm

    Thank you!!!

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