10 of Cups and Death Card recurrence

  • Hi all!

    This combination keeps coming up as of late I wondered if anyone has had this combo before?

    My thoughts were possibly, Death of an old Cycle (10OC) which I thought was positive untill reading a Death of stability, at home? I have started a new job might I add and have asked a lot of work based questions such as how am I doing?!?! lol jk questions about my stability really and further opportunities at work

    Would love some of your ideas!

    Much love X

  • Death can be about transformation...letting go of the past so something new can be birthed. If you've started a new job I would take it as a good sign - especially since it's coupled with the 10 of Cups. It might also be nudging you to release your fear (especially if fears are stemming from past job disappointments or situations). Switch your worry about how you're doing to just enjoying the new experience!

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