May i plz have a 2016 reading....

  • Hello I have had a horrible year or years shall I say lost my Sister in April my love life is a rollercoaster and to top things off I have to move by February 😞 plz hlp

  • MOONRAI, 2016 will be an amazing year for you. Not only will your life get easier as the days and months go by, but 2016 will also be a year of special attainment. If your motives include the welfare of others, almost anything can be accomplished. Your personal thoughts and energy must be on career opportunities and achieving long-term security now. The year will encourage a practical and methodical nature. It is a time to be organized and practical, to gather information before making decisions, and to avoid overindulgence. It is a year of self-discipline and willingness to work. The year will tend to stimulate ambitious ideas and great plans. 2016 will be more successful if you define "success" as the accomplishment of what was intended. It is the best time for many years to make your dreams into realities. There are inspirational insights and great motives aplenty to be had now, but only the practical ones will succeed. At this time, luckily, you are likely to be more pragmatic, ambitious, disciplined, and confident than in other years. 2016 for you will also involve devotion to the well-being of others and the goodness of humanity. The year will provide opportunities for laying foundations for things of lasting value, likely on a grand scale. This project/s should be something that will benefit humanity as a whole, and not just your immediate circle. However, because this powerful period of building lasts only a year, it may be impossible for you to complete any large-scale projects before the end of the cycle. Therefore, concentrating on laying firm foundations and providing impetus for your continuation may be more practical than accomplishing entire projects within a year – depending on the projects, of course.

    2016 can also be the beginning of a life changing relationship for you, be it romantic, business or spiritual. It is the year of the builder, a time for dealing with life with structure and organization. The atmosphere created must be one of trust, balance and brilliant connections which others. New aspects of your career, spirituality and creativity will be open as you finesse your life path. A challenge that might come up this year is the very block that is in your way of manifesting your ideas. Old belief systems about success or feeling the victim must be discarded. This can be your year to let go of these old destructive or self-defeating patterns and to embrace a richer, fuller life. Stepping back to last year, you were in a year of creativity and self-expression, but also it was about being guided by your own intuition and opinion - instead of listening to others' advice - and being able to focus, not being scattered or easily distracted. Was it a year of accomplishment or a year of learning about having your voice? You have to be meticulous in your planning and put in the hard work to complete your targets successfully this year. 2016 is more about making things happen rather than dreaming big. You will be able to convert your big visions into reality because of a practical approach and diligence. On the organizational front, you will be able to build a harmonious team - which is critical for success. You may be dealing with projects connected with various fields related to your profession, innovation or spirituality. All your ventures at this time will be fruitful and will see successful completion if you follow the year's advice. You may have to drastically change your old ideas and method of execution though, and formulate new ways of working based on new thoughts, but this is the year you can do it. Stepping ahead to next year, 2017 will be all about adventure, flexibility, much activity and BIG change for you. Perhaps some of the building blocks of 2016 will continue to grow in that new relationship or project?

    Good luck!

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