Anyone willing to do a read for 2016 or current timeframe?

  • I'd love a reading for my current timeframe or all of 2016 if anyone has time. My birthday is nov. 18, 1977

  • ok--will try to get one up soon.

  • Gladyouwroteme,

    I'm getting that it's just as much your decision as his. I can't help but feel a move is being decided on or a relocation. You need help in making a decision. I feel like both feel grounded wherever they are and a move is hard. I feel like embracing change is a good thing. You feel as though you're not convinced. Not an expansive time for you. Words and holding onto negative words for you. I get the feeling that you are experiencing the absence of someone. Family and relationship issues in present positions. I feel like someone is trying to convince you to make the right decision, right move and you're not quite decided. Decision involves your path. What to avoid. Go with what is right. Things are running the course. Everyone, together doing their part--hope you can relate. Seems you're trying to make the right decision now and it's just really hard. I'm also getting that the family may not stand behind you on everything--is that right.



    present--9 of swords

    below--ten of cups

    situation--king of cups

    past--7 of wands


    future--4 of wands


    friends/assoc--4 of cups


    outcome--2 of swords

  • Definitely. It's a bit of a chaotic mess right now. There is a move in the future, a few years, and I'm all for it, I think it would be best for the family. I got married a year ago and the scenario turned out to be really complicated, he's an amaaaazing man, but oh dear, the situations are taxing... He, being who he is keeps me here, but there are times I'd love to just get my easy life back 🙂 And I miss my daughter, terribly, so that's right on too. My heart and head know that things will pan out, it just takes time, I need for his little girl to be ok and for the outside influence that damages her to lessen. Every day is a conscious decision to stay because of it and it's ruined us financially and me physically (fertility wise) this year as well. God wouldn't bring me into this (I was primed for this, no doubt), so it's just about trusting Him to get through it.

    Thank you. ❤

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