Warning about door to door salespeople

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to put this out there. I think I have just been taken in by a salesman who was either lying, or his company was lying to him. He told me a heart warming story of being from the inner city, trying to earn "points" by selling magazines. He said the magazines go to Juvanile centers, or to troops. I lied and said I didn't have any checks, and he said cash would work. I thought it would be nice to encourage children to read, as well as getting this guy some points. He said he's come back the next day, today. He turned up today and I felt bad because I didn't get the money. All I had was $14, which he said would go to a gift order. While he was outside he asked for a glass of water, and then asked to used my phone so his manager could come and pick him up. Just then a white van drove by so he didn't need to use the phne. At least I had to foresight to lock the door behind me whenever I went inside.

    After he went and I read the receipt, it clearly stated it was a FOR PROFIT organisation. It says I can cancel within 3 days but I doubt that will happen. After researching on the net, I'm now scared of being broken into. What makes it worse is my husband is out of the country until next week. I won't be able to sleep at all tonight. I feel like such a naive idiot.

    I posted this so noone else would get taken in, put their financial or personal future at risk. Please don't trust strange door to door salespeople with sob stories.

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