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    I'm not sure what to think about this, so I thought I'd post here in the hope that someone could give more insight. My mom has said that she has heard some unusual things from people at her church. These statements were never made directly to her, but to other members of the parish. What she heard was that someone should be "locked up" and that someone "should be taken away in a straitjacket." Pretty awful stuff, but having attended my parents' church and meeting some of the people there, it really wouldn't surprise me. Unfortunately, my dad thinks that my mom is nuts and didn't hear anything. If this is what people are saying, who are they referring to? Hope someone could shed some light on this. Thanks in advance!

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    I do not DOUBT your mother heard what she heard. Your father is solving as any man would by downplaying it and hinting she couldnt possibly have heard such.

    Your father doesnt want problems.

    Even among church goes you find higher than thou people who run their mouths off. These people love to forget their own how shall I say it morals ethics is tainted.

    I do not think these snippets were aimed at your mother at all. Often when we overhear snippets of a conversation we do not get the whole of it, and by it tend to jump into the cold water feet first.

    My suggestion would be maybe to get the parishioner priest to bring this subject into the open. To say he she has heard some parishioners are not of open mind like God and his son Jesus.

    Im sure your priest will know how to word it, without causing chaos and by it get those who shot mouth off to remember, they themselves are not all that either.

    Hope this helps you and your mom.


  • Thanks very much for the reading, CharmedWitchBente! I get the sense that this is a gossipy church. It's a shame that they are not more compassionate and less judgmental.

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