Interpretations welcomed for romantic relationship question

  • Hi Yall

    I recently got back in touch with a old friend and wondered how the new relationship would develop.

    I drew these cards using the RW deck in outcome position. I always draw three more to confirm and tell a story, the cards were

    Queen of Cups - Death - The Empress - The Tower

    I thought it was making good progress untill turned the final card over lol Iv'e never really saw myself as Queen of cups but I am a water sign. I did read online the Empress and the Tower could be a rather dramatic change in a romanic sense and you world could be transformed, but also that The Empress and Death means the end of a relationship and could be why The Tower Card came last? I'm slightly confused and would love some ideas as to what direction this is going in.


  • Hi

    The tower cards also often means new beginnings. A change of the old in new settings.

    I would suggest you look more up than just the plain meaning of the cards. Numbers you see in them has meanings, the genders of people in the cards, the colors, the animals, the flowers.

    When you look all up the reading gets a deeper more profound reading.

    ON a more person to person level, would I suggest you get to be friends ans get to know each other again before jumping off the cliff.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck with all, and well I hope more readers will peek and aid you in this.


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente!

    Thanks for your feedback much appreciated!

    I totally agree The cards mean so much more than surface level! It's defo time to start my own notes and analyse the different interpretations! I understand the cards speak to each other but I never know what thyre blody saying lol !

    I knew the Tower could mean drastic change but I also understand it's a revelation that sort of pulls the rug from under your feet so you wake up, me being me totally focused in, forgetting his son's mom (The Empress) ? will always be in the picture, the reason we stoped being friends in the first place even before he had his son with her.. This senario came to mind and defo reminding me to pay attention and dont get carried away thinking unrealistic thoughts!

    I wont be jumping off any clifs thats for sure ha


    Many blessings to you and Happy 2016!!

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