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  • Hi All ~ I had a dream about an illuminated copper colored cobra. I am scared of snakes in real life. But I know in the dream world it's a different meaning. I asked my husband to get it out of the house. I asked him what he did with it & he said he let it go outside. I said then it can come back in. So he went back out to take care of getting rid of it. I kind of get what this means but I'd like to see if anyone has a different interpretation. Thank you ~D

  • Ha, last night I had a dream about a snake with lit-up purple skin that got onto a bus I was riding in, heading to a school. Must be the season for snake dreams.

    Snake dreams tend to show up in times of transition and transformation. They can represent an untamed 'wild' part of yourself or an untapped resource. A snake in a dream can also mean that you’re dealing with a difficult or tricky situation or unsettling emotions in your waking life. So you wanted your husband to deal with it but then changed your mind and wanted the problem 'brought back in'. On the positive side, it can mean that healing and transformation are taking place.

    The reddish-brown colour of the snake connects it to your first chakra which traditionally is earthy red, and snakes also represent this chakra, the kundalini. If your kundalini is awakening in you, you will experience many different symptoms - visions, vivid dreams, insights, synchronistic events, seeing the world differently and many changes in perspectives and beliefs occur. There is often a questioning of ideas and beliefs about God and religion that you have held your entire lifetime. Energy is working in your mind to clear aspects about how you see yourself and how you see the world. In short, your eyes are opening as your mind quiets down. Sporadic nervous system reactions may also occur.

    This is a good thing, though it can be uncomfortable to go through.

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